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  • Hey guys.

    Those with mega-specialist knowledge are in demand. I would love to have a list of where you can look up which comics the Marvel films are based on, regardless of the studio. I realize that every film is very loosely based on the comics, and yet I think such a list is interesting. Just that you can see what inspired the films. I myself could tell some of the stories out of my head, but by no means, for example, which US magazines it was, let alone the Panini publications. Will you help me?

    I would like to edit every answer in this post, so that a nice list results.

    X-MEN Films:

    X2: X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills OGN (Marvel Grapic Novel # 5)
    X-Men - The last Stand: Uncanny X-Men 129-138 (Panini: Booklets in a slipcase X-Men archive)
    X-Men Origins - Wolverine: Wolverine Origin (Panini: Heftserie, SC, HC)
    X-Men - First Class:
    The Wolverine:
    X-Men - Days of Future Past: Uncanny X-Men 141–142 (The future is past [Panini: Notebooks in a slipcase, X-Men Archive, SC, HC])
    X-Men - Apocalypse:

    SPIDER-MAN films:

    Spider-Man 2:
    Spider-Man 3:
    The Amazing Spider-Man:
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2:


    Iron Man:
    The incredible Hulk:
    Iron Man 2:
    Captain America - The First Avenger:
    The Avengers:
    Iron Man 3:
    Thor - The Dark World:
    Captain America - Winter Soldier: Captain America Vol. 5 8-15 (Panini: ???)
    Guardians of the Galaxy: Guardians of the Galaxy (2008) [Panini: Warriors of Space, SC and HC])
    Avengers - Age of Ultron:
    Captain America - Civil War: Event (Panini: magazine series, SC, HC and Omnibus)
    Doctor Strange:


    Fantastic Four:
    Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer:
    Ghost Rider:
    Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance:
    The Punisher: The Punisher Vol. 5 (Panini: ???)
    Punisher - War Zone:
    Blade II:
    Blade - Trinity:

    To a good cooperation
  • In any case, at least 3 x FV, 2 x Ghost Rider, 2 x Punischer, 1 x DD and Elektra and also 1 x Hulk are missing ...

    So long ...

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  • 3x blades are also missing

    What comes to mind spontaneously next to the obvious ones (Days of the Future Past, Apocalypse, Civil War) would be Iron Man 3. That should be extremely loosely based on Extremis. In addition, GotG would have to be loosely (EXTREMELY!) Based on Warriors of Space. But really only extremely loosely. That means the team fits, the rest don't.

    Information on all German Marvel releases can be found at
  • X2
    X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills OGN (Marvel Grapic Novel # 5)

    The Punisher
    The Punisher Vol. 5: Welcome Back Frank

    Captain America - Winter Soldier
    Captain America Vol. 5 Winter Soldier (approx. # 8-14)
  • I edited them in. I just thought that the more successful things would be rushed first, if anyone was interested in such a list.

    Loliman: I don't think Apocalypse is that clear, because it has very little to do with Age of Apocalypse. For example, I would like to know if there aren't other Apocalypse stories that are more similar? Maybe his first appearances? I don't know, because I've been (too) little involved with Apocalypse so far.
  • Yes, I agree. Was just implemented bullshiti. But it is what it is.

    I have already entered what I knew for sure. Don't be surprised if, for example, I haven't entered Extremis yet. I'll do that as soon as I know the US issues and Panini release.
  • Oh ... more about editing:

    Howard The Duck
    Punisher (Dolphins L.)
    Man thing

    Then there are Dr. Strange and 2 cap films ... Conan and Red Sonja might be contentious, similar to kingsmen?

    So long ...

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  • Heat Legend wrote:

    I would have said rather, the film is very, very loosely based on the "fire and brimstone" story from The Ultimate X-Men. In any case, I recognize more elements from it than in the original Phonix saga. At least the part with the split personality they have from UXM.
  • The Blade discussion always reminds me of an episode of Star Trek - Next Generation, in which Picard was tortured and interrogated by a Cardassian ... Keyword: "How many lights do you see?"

    So long ...

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  • The Fantastic Four 1

    Die Fantastischen Vier 2 - Fantastic Four 44,57,58,59

    Spider-Man 1 - Ultimate Spider-Man 1 -3, Amazing Spider-Man 122
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  • If they exist at all, they are usually very loose. That goes as far as Civil War is actually just the Tietel and the fight cap against Iron Man.

    Here is a small list of the movies:
    Ant Man USA 2015
    Blade USA 1998
    Blade II USA 2002
    Blade Trinity USA 2004
    Captain America The First Avenger USA 2011
    Captain America Winter Soldier USA 2013
    Captain America Civil War USA 2016
    Doctor Strange USA 2016
    Daredevil USA 2003
    Deadpool USA 2016
    Elektra USA 2005
    Ghost Rider USA 2007
    Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance USA 2011
    Howard The Duck USA 1986
    Hulk USA 2003
    Hulk, The Incredible USA 2008
    Iron Man USA 2008
    Iron Man 2 USA 2010
    Iron Man 3 USA 2013
    Punisher, The USA 1988
    Punisher, The USA 2004
    Punisher War Zone USA 2008
    Spider-Man USA 2002
    Spider-Man 2 USA 2004
    Spider-Man 3 USA 2007
    Spider-Man, The Amazing USA 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 USA 2014
    Thor USA 2011
    Thor The Dark Kingdom USA 2013
    Wolverine, X-Men Orgins USA 2009
    Wolverine, The USA 2013