Why does sashimi look disgusting

Disgusting food in Japan: restaurant serves live frog

Pork testicles, snake juice and grilled salamander: the Shinjuku district is one of the most bizarre districts in Tokyo. Many restaurants offer the most disgusting dishes for Western tastes. One menu seems to trump the dishes just mentioned in terms of disgust: bullfrog sashimi.

The raw meat of the animal is served with ice cubes, soy sauce, a piece of lemon - and the remaining half-alive frog. This is reported by the US news broadcaster "Fox News". The upper body of the amphibian is arranged on the plate as a decoration and is in the last features of life. The big, bulging eyes stare at the restaurant visitor, the muscles twitch every now and then, the arms move, even the eyelids blink.

You can see all of this on a YouTube video that is a bit older. More than 1.5 million users have viewed it so far. The comments below are clear. There is talk of the worst cruelty to animals, some even compare it to torture. More than 50,000 people have already participated in an online petition against "living sushi" in Japan.

The top chef Mamie Nishide feels that her country is wrongly pilloried. According to her testimony to "Fox News", the court is "bizarre" even by Japanese standards. "You shouldn't think this is Japanese food, it's not," she told the TV station.