Are you a left libertarian

Test: How far left are you?

The left-wing extremism study by Klaus Schroeder and Monika Deutz-Schroeder was published a few days ago with a fairly large media din.

We once asked the authors of the study about the research design and the long version of the abstract because we were interested in what the scientists attach to "left-wing extremism" and how they want to determine whether someone is left-wing extremist. Ultimately, a left-wing extremism scale is calculated on the basis of a catalog of questions, on which people find themselves with their attitudes and are then classified.

Some jokers have now put the study questionnaire online as an online quiz. The left-wing extremism test on the Internet probably includes the 25 original questions from the study, which can also be found in the long version (PDF) and also gives a rough and simplified classification into the scale.

We embed it here:

However, according to our research, the makers of the online left-wing extremism test do not fully reflect the questions and methods of the FU study. A spokeswoman for the scientists told us that of the 21 original questions, only 14 were included in the left-wing extremism scale.

Overall, I consider this type of scientific approach, namely to cut a handful of questions with more or less classic statements from the left spectrum by means of a representative survey, and to conclude in percentage terms how left-wing radical / extreme the population is, methodologically at least difficult. Rather, one recognizes from the question design what the authors of the study consider to be radical left or extreme left. That is also a form of knowledge.

We have now taken another closer look. The following questions have fallen off the scale in the study due to a lack of "charge":

  • Entrepreneurial freedom is the basis of our prosperity
  • For right-wing extremists there should be no freedom of expression and no right to demonstrate
  • In principle, Germany should take in all people who seek refuge in our country
  • Real democracy is only possible without capitalism
  • The state and police are increasingly monitoring left critics of the system
  • Due to the increasing surveillance by the state and politics, we are becoming more and more of a dictatorship
  • Nation states should be abolished

In addition, there are four questions that deal with violence. This was asked for separately in the study.