Which technical branch should I choose 1

6th grade Realschule - which branch should you choose?

Hello pink pencil!

We're at the information event tonight, I'm excited!
Our son is not at all gifted with languages, that is not an option. I hope he takes the technical branch or people and the environment, but he gossips about cooking He can learn that at home, I told him, and it just earned a sympathetic smile I cook very well ... well ...

I think that what he chooses should really interest him, then he'll make it.
My concern is more about the teachers. There is a teacher with whom he cannot get along at all and no matter what subject she takes on now, he will not want to choose it. I know the teachers come and go, but it takes some sympathy, doesn't it?

So good luck!

Greetings, Miss Bennett


Are you in Bavaria too? Our son is now 7th grade secondary school, technical branch, and they also have household / nutrition as a subject, and they cook there too.
Our big guy NEVER had anything in mind with cooking, but he likes it very much and is cooked at home again and again - delicious!

LG Claudia

No, we are in BW.

Yesterday was the information evening. Cooking occurs in the subject of people and the environment, there is cooking, textiles, environmental awareness, consumer behavior ... In my opinion, all things that you should bring your children at home. The children should also know what a sensible diet is ... My two big ones are already busy cooking and baking. Great when mom can try the cake

From this subject I expected a little more in the direction of the environment, a la Greenpeace

And he will probably stick with technology, stop with us without cooking. The tech. He enjoys tinkering. And he wouldn’t get anywhere with French.

What I liked was the vice-principal's speech. Even if the child does not take French now, they can still do their Abitur (i.e. go to high school) afterwards. Phew, I'm relieved!

Greetings, Miss Bennett