Why can't kaengurus jump backwards?

Wanted poster of a giant red kangaroo
sizeup to 210 cm (standing upright)
speedup to 55 km / h
Weight22-85 kg
lifespan4-18 years
nutritionPlants, grass, herbs
Scientific SurnameMacropus rufus
featureslong hind legs, short front legs, strong tail

There are around 65 species of kangaroo in the world. The little ones are one of them Rabbit kangarooswho have favourited cuddly Tree kangaroos, the Rock kangarooswho have favourited sweet Wallabies and the Giant kangaroos. Also the sweet one Quokka is a kangaroo. It always seems to smile. The home of the kangaroos is Australia and New Guinea. They live in tropical rainforests, bush or grasslands, dry steppes, and desert and rocky regions.

Hop like kangaroos

The faster a kangaroo hops, the less energy it uses. This is due to an elastic band in her hind legs. When the kangaroo hits the ground, it tightens, then snaps back and catapults the kangaroo upwards - like a feather. Practically. In contrast to most of the other two-legged creatures, they do not alternately put one leg after the other, but always hop with both legs at the same time.

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How far can kangaroos jump?

Red kangaroos can jump 8-9 m wide and 2-3 m high in one leap. The gray giant kangaroo even farther. It can do 13.5 m with one set and is the second largest kangaroo after the red giant kangaroo.

The largest and smallest kangaroo

The red giant Kangaroo is the largest kangaroo and at the same time also the largest living marsupial. It measures 130-160 cm from head to torso, the tail 100-120 cm and it weighs 22-85 kg (males). When it stands up, it can be 210 cm high. As smallest kangaroo is that valid Musk rat kangaroo. Its body reaches a length of 21-34 cm, its tail 6-12 cm and it weighs between 340 and 680 g.

Red Giant Kangaroo - Photo: Jeremy Red / Shutterstock

Can kangaroos walk backwards?

No. This is due to the special shape of their feet. Besides, her tail would be in the way. They can't walk anyway. You can only hop!

Can kangaroos swim?


Are kangaroos an endangered species?

Giant kangaroos are not an endangered species. But many other kangaroo species are classified as “endangered” to “critically endangered”, e.g. B. many rock kangaroos, tree kangaroos and bush kangaroos.

Red Kangaroos - Photo: dmvphotos / Shutterstock

Kangaroos smell like mice, coffee and curry

Red kangaroos smell like mice. Eastern gray kangaroos smell like coffee beans and western gray kangaroos smell like curry spice.

How did the kangaroo get its name?

How the kangaroo got its name is a really strong story: The British navigator James Cook was in Australia in 1770, saw the ancestors of the kangaroo and asked in English: "What kind of animal is that?" James Cook got the answer: "Kangaroo". But what the Aborigines actually said in their language was "I don't understand".

Red Kangaroos - Photo: John Carnemolla / Shutterstock

Red kangaroos aren't always red

In order to impress the female kangaroos, male giant kangaroos dye their hair red at mating season. Fortunately, you don't have to go to the supermarket to buy a hair dye. Your skin gives off a red powder. The females are more blue-gray.

Reproduction among the red giant kangaroos

After a short gestation period of around 33 days, a young animal is born. At the time it is only about 2.5 cm long and weighs just under 0.8 g. So smaller and lighter than a cherry. It is naked, blind and completely defenseless and therefore immediately after its birth it climbs into its mother's pouch, where it grows well protected. It leaves the pouch for the first time in around 190 days and is an adult at 18 months.

Do male kangaroos also have a pouch?

No, only female kangaroos have a pouch.

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