How do you spell sexual moaning

Audio porn: Whisper, smack, groan


Read on one side

The woman says it gently and firmly: "You did come over here demanding sex! So, I've decided I'm gonna give you exactly what you want. Drop your pants." She wants to persuade the man standing in front of her to have sex. She teases, she flatters. Finally, she tells him exactly what to do to please her. The woman speaks for twelve minutes, 21 seconds - sometimes more for herself, then again with the man. You can hear them moaning, threatening, laughing. A monologue as an audio file. Whoever plays them should get pleasure in satisfying themselves. The woman describes the sex scene precisely, whoever wants to see it. It's a porn without pictures. One to listen to.

The spokeswoman LushinLace recorded the monologue and posted it on the website Literotica uploaded. It is one of many platforms that offer such audio porn. The format - largely in English - is becoming increasingly popular right now. There are sex podcasts like Hot Sex Stories, on which you can play sex scenes such as radio plays - with music, laughter, kissing noises. For mobile phones there are apps like Vibease Chat that offer erotic audio books. On one of them, Dipsea, small flame symbols show how hot a listening scene is: two flames for a tape in which two women make out in a bar; three flames for the man with the dark voice who leaves breathless messages on a mailbox. There are sites like Quinn or Femtasymainly aimed at women and often supported by women’s sex shops. Sometimes someone reads a text, sometimes you listen to a person who is pleasing himself.

The network brings hearing and feeling together

In lesser known corners of the Internet - also on Literotica - there has been porn to listen to for a long time. For years, users have been collecting audio files that they have recorded themselves and want to share with others in simple databases. On the website Beautiful agony anyone who wants to can listen to an orgasm. There is a video there, but only the face - which is why moaning and gasping are the focus of attention. Recordings are now being recorded professionally more often. You can like them and recommend them. The operators of the new websites claim that the market for such stories is growing.

This fits in with the trend that is bringing hearing and feeling together on the internet. Podcasts are booming, you dive into your personal bubble with them - whether in politics or crime. Millions of people watch crackling videos on YouTube because constant noises soothe them or make their bodies tingle. Some also feel aroused, as a UK study shows.

With audio porn, arousal becomes the primary purpose. The listener imagines a sex scene, decorates it in their fantasy. In the brain, without which nothing works during sex, important regions are stimulated. But is a description, a sound enough to have an orgasm?

"I want you to remember, the last time I sucked your cock ..." The plot in the clip by LushinLace is easy to tell: It's about two twin sisters. One pretends to be the other to have sex with her husband. Of course, the story is pulled by the hair. It's just as unimportant in audio porn as it is in visual porn. What it's more about: A porn stages a sexual fantasy. It doesn't need a completely logical basis, but it has to take the imagination seriously. That means there has to be a noticeable power imbalance between those involved. For example, the trick of pretending to be someone else to have sex is a classic. Fear scenarios always work, too: seduction by a stranger or even pain, as in the scene with the man who persuades the woman with the narrow vulva to have sex. Everything can be found under audio porn.