What software does an aerospace engineer need

What does an aerospace engineer do? Activities and career prospects

The Profession aerospace engineer belongs to the most complex and demanding in the field of Engineering at all. It requires many years of academic training and is therefore suitable for people with great talent in the natural sciences.

The Aerospace Industry belongs to the successful branches of industry in Germany, Cutting-edge technology and progress distinguish them. In general, the work environment is great motivating and stimulating (not everyone can say that they are involved in the construction of a space probe that orbits the earth) and very much international.

The Career opportunities are numerous, it leaves both in the scientific research as well as in the Industry Find employment and often the solutions that have been invented in the field of aerospace technology lead to important technological innovations also for people's everyday lives.

Then there is that very attractive salary from aerospace engineers, in recognition of the skills required for this profession.

What is the salary as an aerospace engineer? Find out now!