Swimming can be bad for you

Really swimming

There are only bruises when colliding with the edge of the pool. Otherwise, the risk of injury while swimming is lower than in any other sport. Obese people and those with joint diseases benefit from the lightness in the water: muscles and joints are not overused, strains and tears are practically non-existent.


Mushrooms while swimming

Important for women: Get out of your wet swimsuit immediately after swimming! In this way, vaginal thrush and bacterial vaginosis can be avoided.


In the swimming pool, where many people go barefoot, the risk of developing athlete's foot is higher because the pathogens causing athlete's foot can more easily penetrate damp, softened skin. Bathing shoes can help preventively.


Calf cramps

One of the biggest dangers for swimmers is convulsions - they are often caused by overexertion or incorrect swimming movements. The right reaction: Don't panic and swim on your back to the edge of the pool or to the bank! It is also good to switch to a different sequence of movements and, if possible, stretch the affected muscles.


Not after dinner?

That swimming after eating is dangerous to health is a myth. Caution is only advised in the case of people with cardiovascular problems and the elderly. The double burden of digestion and exercise could lead to a collapse in this group of people. Even so, it is not recommended to go swimming after a large meal.


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