How can I buy gold jewelry

Gold Jewellery

What makes gold jewelry so special?

Is it the warm shine, the radiant color or the diverse possibilities for processing gold jewelry? Whatever it is - gold has fascinated us humans for thousands of years. Once reserved for kings and rulers, the precious metal is now particularly popular as jewelry - regardless of whether it is earrings, ear studs, hoop earrings, pendants, necklaces, men's or women's rings. Gold gifts have been immortal and unbeatable for millennia.
By the way: Since the material would be too soft for jewelry, goldsmiths mix other metals with the precious metal. This makes it harder and the piece of jewelery can be adjusted in color. The carat number reveals how much pure or "fine gold" is contained. The abbreviation 333, for example, indicates a gold content of 33.3% for gold jewelry.

Different types of gold jewelry

Gold earrings

Gold earrings make the hearts of women beat faster and give their wearer a truly radiant shine. The selection ranges from opulent chandeliersthat make you an eye-catcher at every party, to discreetly elegant stud earrings for everyday life. And of course, gold earrings can also be fitted with pearls and diamonds. You can't choose between Red gold,Yellow goldand White gold decide? No problem. Many pieces of jewelry combine both precious metals in filigree, intricate patterns.

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Gold hoop earrings

One of the most popular shapes of earrings is hoop earrings - rings that run around the earlobe. They originally come from the Creole people that gave them their name - and there is still something exotic about these pieces of jewelery that immediately attracts attention. It is not for nothing that they are so popular with stars and starlets like Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski. Thanks to the numerous available dimensions, you can set individual accents and choose hoop earrings that harmonize perfectly with your ear size.

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Necklaces and pendants made of gold

Hardly any other jewelry emphasizes the cleavage as admirably as gold necklaces made of white gold. You are completely free as far as the length and shape of the chain are concerned. From simple to opulent, everything is there. And why leave it with a necklace? "Laying" is in and achieves exactly the look you want - celebrities like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Margot Robbie demonstrate this on the red carpet.
You can add even more of your personality with a yellow gold pendant