How many sex partners are normal

According to the study: Germans really have that many sex partners

A representative survey, which the partner portal FriendScout24 commissioned the market research institute GfK, shows: Things are not as wild as they always say ...

Sex partners by federal state

Now it's out: On average, Germans have 5.8 sex partners, a man a little more than a woman. And a hamburger more than a Saarlander.

With ten sex partners, the Hamburg-based company is the undisputed first place. The Thuringians with 7.6 and the Saxons-Anhalter with 7.3 do not seem to be children of sadness either. The situation is different in Brandenburg (4.8), Lower Saxony (4.5), Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland (both 3.2): The residents of these federal states have the fewest sex partners.

Men vs. women

According to the study, men are one step ahead of women in terms of the number of sex contacts: they shared their bed with an average of 7.4 women, women with 4.3 men.

In addition, the following applies to men: the older the bigger, because men between the ages of 60 and 69 are the front runners with up to ten partners. It is a little different for women: for them, the age group between 30 and 39 has the most sex partners.

Talking about sex partners? No thanks!

Germans are not very informative about their previous love life: For 72 percent of those surveyed, for example, it is absolutely taboo to compare the bed quality of the current partner with previous love affairs or to tell them about their sex past. You are silent and enjoy.

Little fuss

11 percent of women and 15 percent of men have lied about the number of bedfellows they have. Especially among the under 20-year-olds, one in five has already embellished the number of previous sex partners in their favor. Thuringia is the most honest (6 percent cheat), while in Hesse 20 percent cheat.

The (sex) life of the other

Anyone who constantly has the impression that everyone around them is having wild sex at least three times a day, even after years in a relationship, should be told: This is nonsense. On average, Germans only have sex twice a month.

Brave youth

"Today's youth ..." But it's not that bad: the average number of sex partners among 16 to 19 year olds is 1.7. Only six percent of adolescents have already had five or more sex partners.
And one in four hasn't had sex at all.

From 30 it looks different: At that age, most had 5.3 sex partners, the 40-year-olds around 7. And of course everything was different in the past: The over 70-year-olds only had 3.2 partners and one in three was even for life loyal to a partner.

Does money make you sexy?

Income also seems to have an influence on the number of bed acquaintances: low earners up to 749 euros per month have only 3.8 partners, high earners with 3,500 euros and more have 11.4 partners.

Would you like experience with women?

Emancipation succeeded: 41 percent of Germans are now of the opinion that the number of sex partners a woman has had is irrelevant. However, one in four Germans still thinks that a woman should not have had more than five sex partners.

One in ten even thinks that a single partner is completely sufficient and 7 percent would even think it would be good if sex before marriage were generally taboo for women.

And what about men?

As far as men are concerned, everything seems to be different: only 21 percent believe that five sex partners are enough. 45 percent of Germans even find that the number of sex partners does not play a role in men.

On the contrary: 6 percent of men believe that the more sex partners a man has, the better his reputation. Small note: However, only 1.1 percent of women see it that way.

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