Which company is best for door handles

Door handles: attractive and functional

Various door handles for different doors

Your doors should be as versatile as yours Door handles be. After all, the requirements for fittings differ significantly from apartment entrance doors, house doors and room doors, as well as from doors made of wood and all-glass doors or sliding doors. For apartment entrance doors or house doors, you usually choose a so-called change set. Unlike the handle set mentioned above, this contains a door handle (door handle) only on one side, but a door knob or button on the other side.

With doors and fittings Paul 24 you will find an extensive range of door handles for a wide range of uses and in different model shapes. This gives you the ideal opportunity to choose the handles that perfectly match your doors in terms of design and functionality.

Opening and closing interior doors: stylish, modern, antique

Discover a wide range of door handles for interior doors in our range. Whether as rosette sets, long backplates, short backplates, whether in a wrought-iron, antique or modern look: you are guaranteed to find the right door handles for your interior doors here. You don't know exactly how you want to design your doors yourself? - No problem! Our shop pages invite you to browse extensively and with the help of the shopping cart management you can compare different door handles. Stainless steel, brass, chrome; polished or matt - let yourself be inspired and choose exactly the right door handle for your interior doors.

Security fittings: attractive and safe

If you want to be on the safe side with your house and apartment entrance doors, security fittings are the first choice. Due to their special design in connection with profile cylinder and mortise lock, these fittings help to protect your living space from unauthorized entry. Thanks to the manufacture in high-quality stainless steel, our security fittings are also particularly stable. Top brands such as Südmetall or Leinbach stand for the highest quality in this area. You will also find fire protection fittings in our range especially for fire protection doors.

Renovation fittings: like new in no time

Handle sets are called renovation fittings if they have a particularly wide and long shield and thus perfectly cover residues of the previous fitting. Discover particularly attractive and high-quality door fittings in our range for your renovation: stainless steel as a material and different design variants give your interior doors a new look without great effort.

Narrow frame sets, shell handles and doorknobs

In our range you will find other attractive door handles with which you can give your doors a special face. House doors made of plastic and aluminum are given a subtle appearance, for example, through the use of narrow-frame sets or also known as profile door sets. Have you had your doors manufactured as sliding doors? Then shell handles are perfect as door handles. Thanks to different designs and materials, the design options are great. In our extensive selection of door knobs, pull handles and handle plates, you can also choose the variant for your apartment entrance, house and office doors that best suits your ideas.

Order door handles and interior doors online

Of course, you will not only find a large selection of door handles with us. - If you want to buy doors online, Paul 24 doors and fittings is the first choice. Room doors, frames, door stoppers, door technology - no matter what you are looking for, you will find it here. Configure your dream doors conveniently at home and simply order the complete package with all accessories online. If you have any questions or special requests, our experienced staff will be happy to help you by phone or email. And our sample service offers you the unique opportunity to order your doors online and still get an idea in advance at home.

Order your new doors in the best quality and with our comprehensive service right now and benefit from our expertise at a great price!