What are the criticisms of socialism

Socialism criticism

The criticism of real socialism through private property comes into conflict. The FRG is proceeding most consistently here, which, due to the fact that the turning point in socialism brought a socialist country to the capitalist FRG, is forced to set a measure for the evaluation of real socialism. Because it is itself capitalist, it rejects a historicism of socialism per se; which is reflected in the fact that it reduces socialism to a political issue. There is no longer any question of real socialism as an economic relationship. The own economic claim is set as absolute. Where it treats socialism as an economy, there as production, not as a relation of production. The weak point of the bourgeois relationship to socialism is to be found here

just its equivalent. Their own historicism now falls victim to this position. Because it is already clear today that the FRG sets a standard, but no one - apart from itself - will measure themselves against it.

This has its deeper reason in the fact that all other socialist states have been preserved as separate states. It is true that they represent a claim to work as private and will develop conditions in which work is posited as private, but private property is also most highly developed as property in the state form. So these countries change the real socialist state politically, but not, or less so, its property relationship, which has inherited from real socialism.


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