What do you like about weighted blankets

The best weight blanket

ZZZNEST anti stress therapy blanket

  • made of 7 layers of high quality modern fabric material
  • heavy filling made of 100% high quality cotton
  • water resistant
  • Glass beads

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Inexpensive weight blanket to help shed fears

The weight blanket from ZZZNEST landed in third place in our test. The surface of the blanket is made of 100% cotton and has a layer of high-quality premium polyester that holds the glass beads in place. The pockets in which the glass balls sit only have a side length of 8 cm, so that the glass balls are difficult to slip. In addition, the weighted blanket has 10 loops with which you can connect the blanket to a cover without slipping. The pressure of the blanket also feels like a hug here and you just feel good.

Product features

The blanket comes in dark gray. The dimensions are 152x203cm, with a weight of 7.2kg. In addition, the blanket consists of 7 layers: the first layer is 100% cotton, the second layer is made of polyester, the third layer is again made of cotton, the fourth layer consists of the glass beads. The other three layers go back in sequence.

Customer rating

The blanket is very well made and very cozy despite the glass bead weight. You have to get used to the ceiling, but it becomes very comfortable very quickly. The blanket calms you down really well and relieves you of stress at night. The blanket is also very suitable for children and works great. However, there are some flaws, as the ceiling probably smells very bad at the beginning and the quality is not perfect. It is also very warm under the blanket.

  • Good price
  • Glass beads
  • great for kids
  • stinks at the beginning
  • very warm under the covers