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Hazards & Safety Australia: Important Notes & Tips

Due to the different fauna and flora, there are many potential ones hazards in Australia, which we do not know as such in Europe and which could possibly deter us from traveling down under. Whether dangerous animals such as crocodiles, sharks, jellyfish and snakes or exotic diseases such as Ross River fever, encephalitis etc., the 5th continent has quite a few dangers in its range. However, that does not necessarily mean that there are none in this country security and Australia is a dangerous travel destination!




Diseases & Risks

Poisonous animals, diseases, traffic, natural disasters or the effects of the sun, we can all find out more about them, try to be careful and live consciously, but this is by no means a guarantee that we will not fall victim to something unforeseeable at some point . In any case, it is difficult to assess whether you live more safely in Germany, Switzerland or Austria than on the 5th continent, since it largely depends on you. Anyone who drinks and drives is certainly risking more than someone who goes on a hike through the rainforest. Many people have the image in their mind that there are significantly more dangers in Australia than in Europe. However, the fact that considerably more people are killed on European motorways than by shark attacks or snakebites is mostly ignored.


Preventive measures

As already mentioned, there can unfortunately never be a one hundred percent guarantee that you will always be healthy and happy on your well-deserved vacation. Everyone must of course be able to assess for themselves which risks they would like to take in their life or what they consider risky and what not. However, one thing is clear: if you travel to Australia with common sense, intuition and respect for nature, there is a high probability that nothing will happen to you. Nevertheless, it certainly makes sense to inquire about various diseases and other dangers, so that you can start your trip well prepared and minimize the risk of getting sick as much as possible.



On the whole, the security in Australia is very high and traveling is not a problem either as a backpacker or as a hotel vacationer. Every year tens of thousands of tourists visit the 5th continent, who usually have nothing or hardly anything worth mentioning to report in this regard ( Example: MP 3 player stolen, cold, etc.). Of course, the golden rule also applies in this country, as everywhere in the world: Better safe than sorry!


Penalties, fines & warning signs

Security is a very important issue for Australians. This claim reveals itself very quickly once you've spent some time Down Under. Prohibition signs were put up all over the country, pointing out the high fines that are incurred for breaking the law. The Australian government also spends a lot of money on advertising campaigns to raise awareness of crime prevention among its citizens. Often you will find advertising posters that are intended to draw attention to the fact that drinking and driving or the mistreatment of women are not trivial offenses, but are severely punished. It is also noticeable that there are many street signs in residential areas with inscriptions such as “Neighborhood Watch Area” (district in which all neighbors are called on to be vigilant).


Women & Security

Almost half of all backpackers Down Under are women. This fact, which cannot be rebutted, clearly indicates that basic security is obviously guaranteed in the country. Of course, women on the 5th continent also have to expect to be hit on with macho sayings. As long as it is just that, everything should be fine. Nevertheless, women are advised against getting into the car of strangers alone and indulging in unnecessary danger. But if a woman behaves as she would at home, there should be no unexpected incidents with the male sex. It is always advisable for traveling women to join small groups and explore the beauties of the country together with other travelers. Further information on the topic can be found in the following article (see: Traveling alone through Australia as a woman)



Certainly something can always happen, in Germany as well as in Australia. Whether you will be involved in a car accident, sprained your ankle while hiking, or actually get robbed is simply impossible to predict. Nevertheless, it is certain that the 5th continent is guaranteed to be one of the safest travel destinations in the world and, with a little caution, you shouldn't have any further problems.


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