What is applied linguistics

Major in applied linguistics / translation / interpreting

Interpreting / translating

In the bachelor's degree courses in multilingual communication at UNIGE and applied languages ​​at ZFH, the focus is on oral and written communication across language and cultural boundaries. The students deal with a basic language (active language) and two foreign languages ​​(passive languages). At both universities, German as a basic language can be combined with the following foreign languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish. The ZFH prescribes English as a foreign language, the UNIGE an exchange semester at a partner university in Germany or abroad. At UNIGE, students can pursue their interests in another subject, while at ZFH they can focus on multilingual communication, multimodal communication or technical communication.

Both bachelor's degree programs are a good basis for a master’s degree in interpreting / translation. However, the bachelor's degree alone is not enough to work as an interpreter or translator.

Sign language interpreting

The course imparts knowledge in applied linguistics and translation studies as well as in sociology and interculturality. The development and expansion of skills in Swiss German sign language, Standard German and Swiss German plays an important role.

Linguistic integration

The course comprises five learning areas: linguistics, didactics, contexts, scientific work and practice. In the contexts learning area, language politics, migration history, economy and mobility are discussed.

N. S., Specialized Translation in the 4th semester Masters at the University of Geneva UNIGE.

"I particularly like that I can express my enthusiasm for languages ​​in a practical course."

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Anyone considering studying applied linguistics should have an in-depth interest in the precise analysis of the structure, origin and use of different languages. In addition, you need to enjoy the constant confrontation with facts that you are not yet familiar with. It's about getting involved flexibly in new situations and being in the background without giving your own opinion.

Additional requirements

The prerequisite for admission to all bachelor's programs in applied linguistics is a passed aptitude test.

Research topics

Applied linguistics researches, for example, on the following topics: search engine optimization or software quality for computer-aided translations, memory performance in interpreting, international mediation, etc.

Admission, registration and start of studies

Information on admission to the various universities as well as on registration and the start of studies can be found under Admission, Registration, Start of Studies.