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Snacking healthier: the best sugar-free sweets

Many of us don't even realize how often sugar sneaks into our food. Sure, gummy bears and chocolate, they have to get their sweet taste from somewhere, but even in supposedly healthy foods such as salad dressings or granola muesli, the enemy of health has crept in. Nevertheless, more and more people are consistently avoiding sugar, but what does it look like in everyday life? Can you even snack? In fact, there are now many sugar-free alternatives to satisfy the well-known Sweet Tooth, and we reveal the best sweets, desserts and snacks you should know now.

Fruit gums

No, there has not been a sudden revolution that suddenly made Haribo sweets healthy. But in fact we are increasingly finding diet-friendly fruit gums on the supermarket shelves that contain no or very little sugar and still taste good. Perfect for the next evening of TV without you having to feel guilty.

Froyo Bites

Healthy snacking has never been so easy: For the delicious Froyo Bites, you simply mash your favorite fruit and then mix in a Greek yogurt. Then you pour the creamy mixture into an ice cube mold and freeze it overnight. The result is delicious, cool snacks that are also extremely vivid and that one or the other visitor is sure to imitate.

Chocolate Cookies

We would not have thought that you can still snack delicious chocolate cookies without sugar, but actually: For this recipe, dark chocolate and chocolate chips are used, most of which are made from cocoa instead of an excessive amount of sugar. Add to this coconut blossom sugar, vanilla extract, flour, eggs and baking powder, which are then mixed and baked in the oven. Find the full recipe here.

Avocado chocolate pudding

Sugar-free chocolate pudding? Yes, it really works! To do this, mix ten dates with half a glass of coconut water, two ripe bananas, almond butter, cocoa powder and yes, also with half an avocado. Blend well in the blender and then garnish with fruit of your choice. It's never been so healthy to have a sweet tooth.

Raw brownie balls

Avocado is also used here: they are mixed with two walnuts, dates, honey, coconut oil, vanilla extract, unsweetened cocoa powder, salt and desiccated coconut and then formed into small balls. For a fudge-like consistency, let them rest in the refrigerator before they can be eaten. Delicious!

bitter chocolate

Sad but true: milk chocolate just contains too much sugar, which is why we like to avoid it as far as we can resist. But if you just can't live without chocolate (🙋🏽), you can use a dark variant, preferably with 99 or even 100 percent cocoa. The first bite may be a bit bitter, but you quickly get a taste for it and do something good for your figure and health!

Frozen fruit ice cream

Do without delicious ice cream in summer? Our bigger nightmare! But there are actually also delicious sugar-free coolers, like this ice cream, which is only made from frozen fruits. For example, you can pair a frozen banana with a berry mix and process them in the blender until they are nice and creamy. Give it to someone else to try - you will hardly notice that there is not much more than fruit in the cool refreshment.

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