How fast could Spinosaurus run

Even if the size information is not exactly known, as only a few incomplete skeletons have been found so far, the scientists assume that the Spinosaurus was at least 12 meters long; perhaps it even reached a length of 17 meters. The scientists also have little to say about weight. However, they suspect that he weighed between 4 and 6 tons.

Spinosaurus was somewhat different from the other large predatory dinosaurs. Like them, they had long hind legs and shorter front legs, but the front limbs were longer and stronger than those of the other carnivores. Therefore, the scientists suspect that Spinosaurus maybe walked on all fours a lot. The other predatory dinosaurs, on the other hand, will likely have usually walked on two legs.

His teeth were also somewhat different from those of the other carnivorous dinosaurs: They were straight and not, as in the case of the one, for example Tyrannosaurus rex, curved.

The most striking feature of him, however, were his vertebrae: They had thorns up to 2 meters long that protruded from the back.
The scientists do not yet know what the purpose of these back spikes was. There are several ideas for this:

The first idea is that a well-perfused skin stretched over the back thorns, with which the Spinosaurus could quickly soak up the sun's warmth, or cool down quickly in the event of overheating by holding the back sail in the wind.

Another idea is that perhaps only the males had such a back sail, which was then very brightly colored. This could mean that the males wooed the females.

A third idea is that these thorns supported adipose tissue. Then would have Spinosaurus no back sail possessed, but more a kind of hump like a dromedary or a hump like an American bison. Maybe could Spinosaurus This hump store more water in the body so that you can walk longer distances without having to drink water.