Where does real obsidian come from

Obsidian - black protector made of fire and water

The black, volcanic glass is characteristic of the obsidian. The was named after the Roman Obsius Obsidian already of great importance in the Stone Age. In the past it was used as a tool and weapon, today it is an important gemstone that is said to have numerous powers and effects. Obsidian is an acidic, siliceous rock that contains up to 70% silica. While quartz and feldspar crystals can be included, water is relatively rare with only one percent in the stone. There is no crystal structure in this compact and vitreous rock. Obsidian is an amorphous rock that has been formed over millennia by means of radial crystals and turns into pitch stone. The older an obsidian, the more advanced the crystal formation. This can be seen in small, irregular, white spots called snowflakes. With a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs scale, obsidian is one of the hard rocks. It has a glass-like shine and a scalloped and very sharp-edged break. Its transparency is opaque, but it shows through on the edges of the rock. It is easy to confuse it with the Pechstein. Both also have the same specific thing Weightwhich makes the distinction difficult.

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Origin of the obsidian and important sites

The obsidian is a volcanic glass. It occurs when boiling hot lava meets cold water and this silicic acid-containing melt suddenly solidifies. There are no regular crystal structures as the rock cools down rapidly. This also means that the obsidian is a chaotic, amorphous structure and is not built up like crystals. Crystallization is not possible, but this glass-like structure is created nonetheless. In addition to the main component silicon oxide, the gemstone consists of many other minerals. Iron oxide is largely responsible for the typical black color. Since it is volcanic rock that is not a mineral, obsidians only ever appear on volcanoes. Your origin is therefore easy to determine. Significant references or occurrences of Obsidian are in:

  • Anatolia in Turkey
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Iceland
  • Lipemic Islands in Italy
  • United States
  • Greece
  • Armenia
  • New Zealand
  • Russia
  • Ecuador

It is not absolutely necessary that the volcanoes are still active today, but earlier volcanic activities are a prerequisite for obsidians to arise.

Healing powers and modes of action

The obsidian has a variety of healing powers that show up on a physical level as well as on a psychological one. In addition, it has energetic properties. It strengthens the flow of life energy and increases inner vision. The obsidian promotes energetic independence and protects against foreign energies and releases blockages in the flow of energy. The effect of the black stone does not deny its origin. Just as explosively as it is caused by the volcanic eruption, the hidden comes out during use. These changes then have to be processed. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for changes when using the obsidian. In addition to the physical and mental effects, the obsidian also has energetic properties. Through it the flow of life energy is strengthened and the inner eyesight is increased. Furthermore, the gemstone represents a protection against energetic encroachments and foreign influences. Existing blockages in the energy flow are solved by it.

Effect on the body

Obsidian Healing stones have a powerful effect on the body. They are valuable companions for all those people who suffer from low blood pressure or who repeatedly complain of cold hands and feet. Obsidian is also very effective for back pain or circulatory disorders. In addition, it accelerates wound healing and helps to relieve muscle inflammation. The hemostatic effect is particularly well known. Cut wounds close particularly quickly, which is due to the fact that obsidians have a very high iron content. Ultimately, the obsidian, especially the snowflake obsidian, can alleviate the torments of a hangover after excessive alcohol consumption. Asthma and muscle cramps are relieved and the connective tissue is strengthened. The absorption of vitamins C and D is supported and stomach and intestinal complaints are more bearable by wearing or placing the gemstone on.

Effect on the psyche - the deepest mirror of the soul

This means that the Obsidian brings even hidden properties from the deepest interior of the human being to the surface. These can be positive as well as negative. According to the origin of the rock, the hidden bursts into consciousness explosively and suddenly. Obsidians are also known as the deepest soul mirror. They have the ability to bring the hidden from the subconscious into the conscious. One becomes aware of fears, trauma, creative qualities and much more. Blockages, fears and states of shock are easier to resolve. If you want to deal with experiences from the past, the Obsidian provides the best support. If you are ready to accept changes and learn from experience, you will recognize a lot of good in the healing stone. The energy of the stone helps to have a clear picture. The obsidian grounds people and thus establishes a connection to the earth's core. As a protective stone, it stabilizes energies and protects against physical and emotional damage.

Possible uses for the optimal effect

The variety of obsidian is ideal for meditation. Just looking at it leads to a positive, psychological effect. Direct skin contact brings the best physical results. So it can be worn in the form of a chain or an amulet. There are obsidians with different things Carat weight as pendants, rings, earrings, etc. The Obsidian can be placed directly on the corresponding part of the body. There is also the option of making an essence. This has a particularly powerful effect. Of course, the effect diminishes over time when the stone no longer has any energy. It is therefore important to clean it regularly. To do this, it is rinsed off under running, lukewarm water. To charge you need a rock crystal group or pure sunlight. For jewelry chains, it is advisable to unload them in hematite tumbled stones. The obsidian is ideally suited to be worn together with clear rock crystals or used in meditation.

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History of obsidian

The history of obsidian goes back thousands of years. It used to be used to manufacture cutters and weapons. Like the flint, it is ideally suited for this because of its breakage. Through the cut it gets very sharp edges, which makes it so good for weapon and tool making. Later in antiquity, the gem was also used for elaborate figurines, jewelry, and mirrors. The Indians in America still revere the stone today as a healing and gemstone. Became the Obsidian Because of its physical properties it was used to make weapons and for tools. Today it is particularly important as a jewelery and healing stone. It is also valued as a protective stone and birthstone. As a pendant on a chain, it has a slight one Gemstone weight and is also used for many other jewelry variations in combination with a topaz used. It is also widely used for objets d'art and sculptures. In powdered form, it is added to mineral wool. The rock is one of the most important healing stones. The modes of action and possible uses for it are diverse.

The obsidian in esotericism

The obsidian affects the body, mind and soul. It unfolds its greatest effect on the root chakra. The rock is assigned in astrological terms to the zodiac signs Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Capricorn, whereby he is from Sagittarius and Scorpio the Main stone is. It is a help and support to every zodiac sign in its very own way. The Scorpio gets with that Obsidian Outdated structures are resolved and Sagittarius is protected from negative energies. As a side stone for the zodiac signs Capricorn and Libra, it brings them more determination and stability and helps to release blockages.

The variety of black, volcanic rock

The Obsidian is in itself a black, volcanic glass. But there are many other varieties that have additional properties:

  • Rainbow obsidian: This colorful, shimmering gemstone brings light and love to life. It is also called the joy of life stone, as it leads to inner satisfaction and gratitude.
  • Snowflake obsidian: The white spots in its black rock make it more supple in its mode of action. The snowflake obsidian is available in different color varieties.
  • Apache tears: black with brown, purple or green, smoky or clear, this obsidian gives consolation. These stones have shell-shaped markings on their slightly spherical shape. They stimulate certain abilities with their energy and have a positive effect on body and mind.
  • Gold obsidian: Golden bullet holes in the black rock characterize the gold obsidian, which, with its psychological properties, enables inner vision. Its energy helps to balance the energy fields.
  • Silver Obsidian: This stone shines silver and iridescent and transfers its energies into the interior. It is used for so-called crystal vision and serves as a mirror of the soul.
  • Mahogany Obsidian: The combination of reddish brown and black gives power and strength. The energy centers of the body, soul and spirit are stimulated. Tensions can be better relieved and blockages released.
  • Smoke obsidian: Smoke obsidian is another name for the Apache tear, due to its smoky appearance.
  • Blue-green Obsidian: Stimulating the heart and throat chakra, the blue-green stone combines the properties of blue and green obsidian. It supports the transfer of energy and creates an optimal balance between body, soul and spirit.
  • Steel blue obsidian: A black obsidian with an iridescent sheen is called steel blue. The shades range from powder blue to indigo blue. This variety strengthens intuition and perception. On a physical basis, it helps with spinal cord diseases and spinal column damage.

With these varieties, the right stone is available for every situation and many goals. The obsidian is recommended as a companion for people in all situations.

Zodiac Signs and Esotericism: The Topaz in Astrology

The positive properties of gemstones have been known since ancient times. Esotericism assigns individual gemstones and pieces of jewelry to the twelve months and the signs of the zodiac. The topaz becomes the Aquarius assigned as the main stone. The gemstone increases their self-confidence and brings them closer to self-realization. In addition, it is an important side stone for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Sagittarians get courage and increased stamina from the topaz.

The assignment as a planet stone is not clear. While the yellow topaz is assigned to the planet Mercury, there is no special planet for the blue topaz. As a monthly stone or birthstone, the topaz brings fame and prestige to people born in November. You keep a clear view and recognize risks and dangers. The assignment as a month stone is independent of the assignment as a birth stone or to the zodiac signs.

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Possible uses for optimal effect

So that the topaz can optimally transfer its effect to the body or soul, it is advantageous to wear it directly on the skin. For example on a chain around your neck or with one Silver ring on the finger. Direct skin contact is very beneficial so that it can fully develop its effect. It is also suitable for meditation, whereby mere viewing is sufficient to be able to absorb its energy. The gemstone exudes a calming effect during meditation. The positive vibrations penetrate the body best through the throat chakra. The delicate vibrations spread and harmonize the emotional life. In the case of insomnia, it helps to take the gemstone to bed with you or to drink a glass of elixir before bed. To do this, the topaz is placed in a glass of water for twelve hours.

Warning notice:

Gemstone medicine may only be used as a supportive healing measure. In the event of persistent pain or unclear symptoms, a doctor should be consulted urgently.