Is it okay to repent of children

“It used to be part of being a woman to be a mother. Today women usually have a choice due to contraceptives and greater financial independence, ”explains psychologist Mag. Doris Klepp from the association The social pressure that you have to get married and have children in order to be happy has decreased. Some women just want to stay independent. "Study results in this regard show that women who consciously decide to live without their own children feel comfortable with their concept of life," explains the expert, "These women do not regret it and do not feel emptiness. They are realized in other areas of life. Of course, there can always be uncertainty if the environment does not accept this decision. "

The psychologist continues: “Although women are biologically oriented as mothers, they do not automatically have to feel a desire to have children. On the other hand, crises can arise with women who have involuntarily remained childless. "

As mentioned at the beginning, the image of women has changed significantly over the years. You have many more training and career opportunities today than a few decades ago. One consequence of this is the increase in the age of the first birth. Motherhood is often postponed until later. First you finish your studies, then you get to work on your job and only then does the willingness to start a family follow. Maybe. Or maybe later. In addition, the right partner has to be found first. Ultimately, this can lead women to postpone wanting to have children until it becomes difficult or even impossible to get pregnant. Because once the biological possibilities of pregnancy are over, it is too late and this can lead to a personal life crisis.

The expert's final advice is therefore to make a clear decision for yourself in good time about how important it is to them to start a family. "This way women escape regret and the great emptiness, because they then design their life plan accordingly." The counseling centers can be supportive.