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Swiss plans profitability from the summer

Swiss wants to reach 50 percent of the capacity of 2019 this quarter. This should make it possible to fly profitably again, according to Swiss boss Dieter Vranckx.

Just recently, due to the Corona crisis and the associated massive loss of sales in the three-digit million range, Swiss announced that it would cut 780 jobs and reduce its fleet by 15 machines. Swiss is now looking to the future with more optimism and is assuming that it will be back in the black this summer, as reported by Aero.

Only half as many Helvetic planes left

In the first quarter of this year, the pandemic still had a drastic impact on Swiss and caused a whopping loss of 201 million francs at the Lufthansa subsidiary. Everything should look better at the premium airline this summer.

Because from then on, the Swiss airline wants to fly "cash-neutral" again, as Swiss CEO Dieter Vranckx reported to the Sunday newspaper. According to the company, this would require 50 to 55 percent of the capacity of 2019. This is to be achieved by improving profitability with low booking levels - by merging flights and using smaller aircraft.

Swiss also wants to use less of its partner Helvetic's planes. Of eight Helvetic jets, only "up to four aircraft" from the wetlease partner are to be used, as Vranckx emphasized in an interview.

In view of the efficiency and the good size of the aircraft, it would be an advantage, according to the Swiss boss, to dismantle fewer Helvetic aircraft. "But you also have to be sensitive to your employees, which is why we reduce more at a partner who is not part of the Lufthansa Group." Previously, Swiss came under fire despite mass layoffs and fleet reductions to hold on to the third-party provider Helvetic, including its crew and fleet.

Conclusion on the profitability of Swiss by the summer

Like the entire aviation industry in Europe, Swiss is still under enormous pressure during the corona pandemic and is relying on high demand in the summer months. The chances for a strong peak season should be good, because in Switzerland, too, the quarantine obligation for vaccinated people is now definitely to fall, and with it the travel restrictions that have placed a heavy burden on the travel industry - especially Swiss - for months.