A three-hour shuttle service is worth it

Wackerwinkel - Local fire brigades practice teamwork

The community fire chief Tobias Jacob and the team around the deputy fire chief Florian Schernich, who had prepared the exercise, were satisfied with the course of the three-hour exercise.

Firefighters from Uetze, Altmerdingsen and Dedenhausen fought the fictional fire on a stubble field near the spring forest. The required extinguishing water came from the foot. Uetzer fire fighters had laid a hose line over a 300 meter long stretch from the Fuhse to Wackerwinkel. There Eltzer set up a 10,000-liter basin to collect the fire-fighting water that had been pumped in. Rescue workers from Uetze, Dollbergen and Hänigsen finally brought the extinguishing water to the source of the fire with tank fire engines. "A shuttle service has been set up," reports Jacob.

"In the summer months, mowing in the fields or carelessly throwing cigarettes out of the window can lead to fires of sometimes devastating proportions," says Schernich. Such fires, which could result in high material damage, represented a great challenge for the fire brigades. Therefore, fighting vegetation fires was a focus of training for the community fire brigade this year.

The exercise at Wackerwinkel had two goals: The fire fighters should apply the trained hand movements in practice. In addition, the local brigades should rehearse the interaction.