What is backlink building

Building a backlink in e-commerce? That's how it's done!

Do you want your online shop to be at the forefront of Google? This is (almost) only possible if you build backlinks.
But how does that even work? In this article you can read the 5 ways you can successfully build backlinks in e-commerce!

We recently reported that a ranking factor continues to dominate how visible a webpage in the search results is: Backlinks.

But how can you build good backlinks to online shops?

Here are 5 ways!

The basic links

After you have secured a domain name, installed a shop system and entered your products, you can almost start selling.

But if you are new to e-commerce - or have not yet secured these links - you should also register directly on important platforms.


... and other relevant platforms for your industry and create a profile (logo, description, link to the homepage) for your online shop.

In this way you not only secure the name so that no one else can claim it, but also collect important links directly.

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On some platforms (e.g. YouTube), in addition to the homepage link, links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. can also be placed.



These backlinks can be created with minimal expenditure of time and increase the trust that Google places in your online shop.


Write great comments

Since this type of backlink building is avoided by many SEOs, as it is stored under spam by many, it is hardly recommended anymore.

With this backlink strategy, you have to make it clear that links are set in order to direct new visitors to your own website and not in order to generate as many backlinks as possible.

Therefore, the focus should not be placed on spam comments, but on comments that deliver real added value for the reader.

Visit blogs and websites that fit your industry.

Comments are the same as product reviews.

Of course you are also happy about reviews that only come from Everything great! consist - however, most valuable are the ratings and comments, which are more detailed.


Therefore express your opinion on the topics or products, offer a new point of view or additional information.

That increases the likelihood ...

1.) that your comment is approved and that you generate a new backlink, ...


2.) a reader of the comment visits your online shop because they find your opinion interesting.


Content marketing

Producing content that inspires visitors and generates backlinks can be a huge challenge. This is one of the reasons why so few online stores do content marketing.

However, the advantages of good content cannot be dismissed out of hand:

  • The visibility in the search engines increases
  • New customers find your shop
  • You gain backlinks
  • The value of your online shop increases
  • Etc.

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Storytelling reminds new visitors and existing customers that you offer more than your competition.

This increases loyalty and willingness to buy.

With the help of ultimate guides, tutorials and Additional Information You not only help your customers with your products, but also increase the chance that other websites will backlink yours.

Likewise, creating infographics is still a great way to get tons of new links.

A viral Infographics usually contain information that the consumer was not aware of or that makes him laugh - in the best case even both.


via Maskworld

Investing in content marketing, or even hiring a content marketer, can work wonders for your own online shop.

Nevertheless, many shop owners underestimate this marketing strategy and focus only on paid advertising.

Take this opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Working with bloggers

The topic of influencer marketing has been an integral part of the marketing world for almost 2 years.

But even before this marketing trend became ubiquitous, there were bloggers.

People who write about their passion, test products and have built up a large readership.

The good news: the blogger business still exists!

Ideally, you already know who the influential bloggers are in your industry.

Get in touch with them and try to form a partnership.

However, don't forget that small Blogger.

In contrast to the already established bloggers with thousands of readers who can hardly save themselves from cooperation requests, the smallBloggers are grateful when they are contacted.

A cooperation with a blogger could look like this:

  • You send a product to be tested
  • The blogger tests the product and publishes a review blog post
  • Potential customers will become aware of the product and your online shop


Be unique

There is a secret formula to automatically generate new links week after week:

Make your shop unique!

Basically, all online stores are the same.

They are structured similarly, the product pages look similar, and the prices are often the same as the competition.

That's why it's all the more important to stand out from other shops.

Small details can make all the difference:

  • carry out unusual products
  • write entertaining product descriptions
  • add additional product images where the product is shown in action
  • give your products a story
  • invest in innovative shop design
  • create a personalized shopping experience
  • offer personal shopping advice
  • Etc.


If you try to offer your visitors and your customers added value, you are already well on the way to collecting new backlinks and sustainably improving your Google ranking.

Then mix this strategy with active marketing (Cooperation with bloggers & comments) new backlinks will appear in your link profile month after month.

However, the most important aspect of building a backlink remains:

Stay tuned!

However, the strongest links do nothing if your online shop is not optimized for search engines.

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