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Not all training is the same. But what are the differences? We'll give you an overview of which training program you can study for.

1. In-company training

Let's start with the classic: In-company training or “dual training”. Here you get in three years of apprenticeship that conveys what you need to be able to do for your dream job. In the course of a working week, you will be at vocational school for one or two days and learn the theory. The rest of the time you will work directly in the company or company. Here you will get practical information about what is important. Depending on the year of your apprenticeship, you will receive a certain salary as a trainee. The average for the third year of apprenticeship is just under 900 euros gross. On sites like Azubiyo you can find out about the average remuneration of your apprenticeship.

If you already have a high school diploma in your pocket, you can usually shorten the dual training and you will be finished training after two years.

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If you have a good command of a foreign language, a stay abroad during your in-company training can also be exciting. Either your company has branches abroad or you can find out about routes abroad from your Chamber of Commerce, Crafts and Industry. You can get funding for stays abroad within the EU, for example. B. apply via ErasmusPlus.


  • practical training
  • first salary
  • direct insights into the desired job

2. The school education

A bit the other way around, an apprenticeship at the technical school is running. These schools provide training in specific professions. They focus more on teaching and learning in the classroom. The technical schools provide training in nursing and health professions (e.g. curative educator), in the pedagogical and social area (e.g. educator) or in creative professions (e.g. media designer).

The technical schools are equipped in such a way that practical skills can be practiced at school. In the course of your training, you will complete internships in the appropriate institutions. At some technical schools, the practical part lasts for an entire year of practical work, at others over several months at a time. As a rule, you don't get a training salary and in some cases you have to pay fees for the technical school. However, you can submit a student loan application for trainees. You can get an overview of recognized qualifications from technical schools on the website of the Conference of Ministers of Education.


  • additional school content
  • learn in a group
  • Qualification for studies or other degrees

3. The high school graduate education

If you have an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences or a high school diploma, you can do in-company training, which also gives you another additional qualification. The "Abitur" training gives you more insights into practice than a dual course of study. First of all, after two years, you will take your exam for the classic training occupation, e.g. B. Banker and then learn your additional qualification in the next two years, e.g. B. as a financial assistant. Most of the time, these training courses are offered in the commercial and technical areas. This gives you the benefits of in-company training (trainee salary), but you can continue to train and qualify at the beginning of your professional career.


  • Double degree
  • more practical parts than in the dual study program
  • good chances of being taken on in the company

4. Public service training

To be eligible for training in the higher service, you need a high school diploma or a technical college entrance qualification. You will then be trained for three years as part of a dual study program. You will complete the practical part of your training in municipal companies or federal and state authorities, where you not only work in administration, but can also be trained in technical professions. Training locations can e.g. B. the police, the fire brigade, the Bundesbank, the Foreign Office, but also city libraries. You can get more detailed information about possible training institutions on the website of the Employment Agency. As part of your training, you will receive a candidate salary, which is around 1200 euros gross on average.

If you have intermediate maturity, you can apply for middle service training.


  • Civil service on revocation
  • first salary
  • Degree with practical experience

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