Why does French sound so sexy?

French, Italian or even German? These languages ​​are considered particularly sexy!

Hotels, attractions, beaches ... All of this is rated on various websites around the world. Then why not the different languages ​​as well? The American travel and hotel portal "Big 7 Travel" asked itself this question and asked its users to vote on it. Almost 7000 languages ​​and numerous dialects entered the race for this and the readers were asked to rate which of them they found particularly pleasant or sexy.

Are you thinking of French or Italian right now? However, the two melodic languages ​​did not make it to the top. So the ranking has a few surprises in store, but we can already reveal that much: German also made it into the top 50! (Also interesting: two travel bloggers get a shit storm for this dangerous photo)

The most popular languages ​​and dialects

50. Croatian: This Slavic language only made it to last place in terms of sexiness.

49. Romanian: Sounds a bit like Italian, but it's far less popular with “Big 7 Travel” readers.

48. Thai: According to the survey, Thai is also one of the less erotic languages.

47. Urdu: The Pakistani language is often confused with Indian and also only lands in the lower ranks.

46. ​​German: Our language sounds, that was to be expected, according to the “Big 7 Travel” readers, too harsh. But at least she is there at all!

45.Welsh: Unfortunately, the Celtic language is not sexy enough either.

44. The New York dialect: Conclusion of the survey: New Yorkers speak quickly and nasally - can be charming at times.

43. Chinese: Soft and with many pitches. Still far behind in the ranking.

42. Japanese: Is described as gracious.

41. Geordie: A dialect from Newcastle, UK that is known to be difficult to understand.

40. Latvian: It is very similar to Russian and doesn’t take up much in the ranking.

39. Malay: The Malaysian language is becoming increasingly Americanized.

38. Austrian: Attention: Austrian is perceived as much more musical than German and also makes it to a better place.

37. Norwegian: Norwegian is certified as a droning singsong.

36. Egyptian: Similar to Arabic, but less throaty.

35.Swiss: The wide range from Swiss German, French, Italian to Romansh has fought for a solid place.

34. Russian: Many “Big 7 Travel” readers find the clear and powerful sound of language surprisingly sexy.

33. Greek: Sounds like Spanish at times, but less melodic.

32. Scouse: A distinctive dialect from Liverpool.

31. Dutch: Described as powerful and nice, the Dutch language is pretty far ahead.

30: "Big 7 Travel" unfortunately does not mention which language is used here.

29. Nigerian: Around 250 languages ​​are spoken in Nigeria. But even if the dialects vary, they are all powerful and rolling.

28. Bostonian: One of the most imitated and parodied dialects in America.

27. Polish: According to the survey, the powerful Polish is one of the most popular Slavic languages.

26. Hindi: The fast Indian official language is quite attractive to the “Big 7 Travel” readers.

25. Vietnamese: Great sound variation, acoustic ups and downs. That works.

24. Mexican: Short, spirited and softer than European Spanish.

23. Turkish: Turkish has many regional dialects, and all of them sound pretty good, according to the survey.

22. Maghrebian Arabic: Is spoken in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya, is throaty with an occasional French sound.

21. Filipino: Gentle and soft. That sounds wonderful to the portal users.

20. Schona: The language spoken in Zimbabwe seems to be known and appreciated by many “Big 7 Travel” readers.

19. Argentinian: Argentine Spanish contains many words that even Spaniards stumble upon.

18. Mankunisch: A British dialect from Manchester that seems so sexy that it is worth the trip for that reason alone.

17. Jamaican: That lively language looks pretty sexy.

16. Danish: Allegedly one of the most unattractive languages ​​in Europe, but the readers of “Big 7 Travel” like it.

15. Ukrainian: This language hardly differs from Russian, but the nuance is enough to place itself further ahead.

14. Hungarian: Sounds rhythmic and beautiful, according to the survey.

13. Canadian English: In contrast to the Americans, the Canadians pronounce the vowels more finely.

12. Queen's English: Clear and very elegant. That works.

11. Czech: The Czechs come pretty close to the top 10 with their language.

10. Brazilian Portuguese: Brazilians have a pretty heavy accent with an Italian influence - and that sounds pretty sexy, according to the survey!

9. Southern English: An American, elongated accent that is spoken with varying variations in the American southern states (including Texas, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky). Very few can resist that.

8. Spanish: Incredibly fast and fluent, according to the survey, Spanish causes weak knees.

7. French: The language of love made it to seventh place.

6. Scottish: Full sound and hard vowels - that's what most people find sexy.

5. Australian English: The words are pronounced slowly and drawn out. That's enough for fifth place.

4. Italian: For the “Big 7 Travel” readers, every word in Italian sounds bellissima.

3. Irish: The very special Irish sound is particularly well received.

2. Afrikaans: The South African language comes from Dutch and, according to the survey, has so much sex appeal that it lands in second place.

1. Kiwi: It's official now. The charming New Zealand dialect sounds similar to Australian English, but according to the survey it has the greatest sex appeal.

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