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Themify Pagebuilder for WordPress - Review

Note: This post contains advertising links, marked with a (*).

If you deal with the topic of pagebuilder under WordPress, the first search results always fall in favor of Elementor. The Themify pagebuilder is less well known, which ultimately led me to this small but comprehensive review.

Even before Elementor 2016 was released, I had the pleasure of working with the Themify Pagebuilder. At the beginning of the 2010s I was looking for a user-friendly framework with a wide range of services for my customer projects as well as my own pages. It was more by chance that I came across Themify during my search.



Themify, based in Toronto, Canada, started their business 10 years ago. At the time, her focus was on Pro Themes for WordPress. There were already a lot of good offers in this area back then, no question about it. What really impressed me, however, was the integrated onePagebuilder.

As an extension to theThemes Then a lot emerged over the yearsAddonsand Pluginsthat leave almost nothing to be desired for normal website use. Another expansion that should not be underestimated is the "Post Type Builder“.

By default, WordPress only knows posts and pages. With the PTB you can create user-defined mail and thus adapt it to any conceivable purpose. That is relatively newBuilder Pro. It now also enables a complete theme to be redesigned from scratch.


The Themify Builder is a powerful and user-friendly page builder for WordPress and is available for download from WordPress.org.

All imaginable layouts for a web project can be implemented with the builder. The easy-to-use drag & drop interface enables design without a single line of code. Individual HTML and CSS extensions are still possible.

I get access to the builder both in the backend of the page and in the frontend and here connected with a live preview of my work.

The builder itself is modular and optimized for performance. In addition, value was placed on SEO friendliness, multilanguage and network support from the outset. A separate cache system in the builder reduces server resources so that processes and pages are processed faster.

Integrated tools such as the flexible grid system, responsive styling, sticky & parallax scrolling, video background, animations and much more make the builder an all-rounder. The connection of external plugins such as WooCommerce, SEO Yoast, MailChimp, Jetpack, WPML and CF 7 is also no problem for the builder. The Builder is 100% compatible with the Gutenberg Editor and perfectly complements it.

In addition to the permanently integrated modules, the builder can add another 25 add-ons (Pro versions), such as Mosaic, Maps Pro, Contact, Price Tables and others.

An overview of all functions and features of the builder can be seen on this page.


  • Accordion
  • Advanced Posts
  • Alert
  • box
  • Button
  • Callout
  • Divider
  • Fancy heading
  • feature
  • Gallery
  • Icon
  • Images
  • Layout part
  • Log in
  • Map
  • Menu
  • Optics shape
  • Plain text
  • Portfolio
  • post
  • Service menu
  • Sign up form
  • Slider
  • Social share
  • tab
  • Testimonial
  • text
  • Video
  • Widget
  • Widgetized

With the range of free add-ons, all standard designs for a modern website can be implemented without further ado. In addition to the classic elements such as “Divider”, “Accordion” or “Tab”, you will also find add-ons to access individual menus or widgets. The connection of your social accounts or newsletters will also be child's play.


  • Mosaic
  • WooCommerce
  • Contact
  • Slider Pro
  • Themify tiles
  • Image Pro
  • Maps Pro
  • Pricing Table
  • Audio
  • Infinite posts
  • Typewriter
  • Infinite background
  • countdown
  • Pointers
  • timeline
  • Progress bar
  • FitText
  • Counter
  • Button Pro
  • A / B image
  • BG video slider
  • Slideshow
  • Masked image
  • Bar chart
  • Content restriction

Most Pro Addons correspond to their pandant in the free range, but offer you more features and design options. Pro add-ons such as “Masked” or “Mosaic”, on the other hand, have very special functions that set almost no limits to the creative design process.


A really powerful member of the Themify family is the Post Type Builder. By default, WordPress only knows post and page types. This is where the PTB comes into play. It can be used to create custom post types.

In a very simple way, WordPress posts can be expanded with specific input fields and output in an individual design. So you have the opportunity to create and display very special posts in addition to the classic blog posts. The areas of application can be quite diverse. You can find interesting examples in the form of a real estate portfolio or a film database on the Themify website.

In addition, the PTB can be expanded with add-ons. For example, posts can be displayed on a map or an extended search form can be set up, which can search this specific post type. The following add-ons are available in the Post Type Builder Bundle *:

  • PTB Map View
  • PTB Extra Fields
  • PTB Search
  • PTB submissions
  • PTB relation


The latest addition to Themify is the Builder Pro *. It uses the same topic logic as the WordPress core and extends the builder with the classic field types header, footer, post, page, 404, archive, WooCommerce and more.

The templates created by Builder Pro are assigned to their own Pro design and can be exported or imported with just one click. Thus, complete topics can be redesigned from scratch, be it for your own site or if you want to implement special customer projects.

As in the above-mentioned Builder, ready-made templates are already preinstalled in Builder Pro, which should make it easier for you to get started. But you can also start with a complete “Blanco theme”. The Builder Pro generates all the required page formats, which can then be adapted individually.



With the display conditions you can define rules for the display of the templates. You can define these conditions globally for the entire page or for individual posts, pages and categories. Alternatively, you can also exclude pages or posts. So you can, for example, output your blog categories in individual designs and thus structure your content better.


Just turned a static module into a dynamic element. You are no longer tied to the classic elements of a post. If you don't like the simple page title, replace the module, for example, with the “FitText-Addon” and give your headline a completely new look.


Integrates post-meta fields and custom fields from the database in your layout. They can be displayed anywhere in the templates. It works with all custom fields regardless of whether they were created manually with WordPress or added with third party plugins like ACF, Pods, Toolset, Meta Box etc.


Creating a fully designed theme with Builder Pro is literally just a few clicks away. Create a new project and choose a predefined theme. All related templates are imported automatically. You can then use the imported templates unchanged or customize them to suit your needs.


100% FAST RESPONSE -All content and templates created with the builder are 100% responsive.

EVERY TOPIC - The Builder Pro works with any WordPress theme if the Builder plugin is activated.

STICKY HEADER - Create a sticky header using the sticky scrolling included in Themify Builder.

GLOBAL STYLE - Save your styling as a global style and use it again and again on your entire website.

IMPORT / EXPORT -A very easy way to swap pro themes and templates on different websites. Very interesting for designers to design projects in a development environment and deliver them to the customer after completion.

PRO MODULES -Builder Pro includes more than 30 modules that you can use to create your templates as needed.


You can use the Themify Builder with any theme that is suitable for WordPress. You can also opt for an in-house theme from Themify, where the builder is already integrated.

As I was looking for a comprehensive WordPress theme at the time, I was fascinated by the "diversity" and, last but not least, the flexibility provided by Themify's integrated page builder. In the meantime, I only use the Themify flagship for my projects, the "Ultra“.

It's a real multi-purpose theme that can be used for any type of website. With a variety of layout options (header, footer, post layouts, etc) to choose from across the site or for individual pages, including a wide variety of skins and pre-made demos, the “Ultra Themes” is always mine first choice.

In addition to the “Ultra”, there are other, partly very specialized themes such as the “Shoppe Themes” for e-commerce sites. "Shop“Is a must have for ecommerce website building. It is packed with a variety of ecommerce features such as wish list, quick view, mega menu, Ajax shopping cart, quick search and much more as seen on professional store websites.

A true all-in-one topic for musicians and bands is the "Music themes". It includes some custom post types for publishing albums, videos, galleries, events, and press releases. The highlight of "Music" is the special continuous audio player. Visitors can enjoy music continuously while browsing the website.

You can find a complete overview of all Themify themes here *.


The plugins round off the Themify range. There are currently a total of 14 plugins available at Themify, which can further expand the functionality of your site.


  • WooCommerce Shopdock
  • Announcement bar
  • Tiles plugin


  • Conditional Menus
  • Themify shortcodes
  • Themify Icons plugin
  • Themify audio dock plugin icon
  • Shopify Buy Button plugin icon
  • WC product filter plugin icon
  • Themify Store Locator
  • Themify popup
  • Themify Portfolio Post Thumbnail
  • Portfolio post
  • Themify Event Post Thumbnail

A detailed description and demos of the plugins can be found on this page.


The integration of social networks and newsletters on your own homepage is a must nowadays if you want to achieve reach or retain your visitors! The Themify Pagebuilder makes it very easy for you to bring the services to your site in both cases. In the settings you will find a sub-item "Social Network".

At this point you can link your social profiles, assign the appropriate icons and adapt the appearance and color to your design. You can then display the whole thing as a social network bar in a sidebar widget or directly on the page. The connection to a newsletter is also very easy.

The API of your provider can be stored under the item "Integration" in the settings. Place and design a registration form on the page with the “Sing Up Form Addon” and your newsletter integration is complete. No cumbersome registration procedures, no more additional plugins. Like every addon from Themify, you can also access a styling palette with Sing Up Form and customize your form individually.


  • Twitter API
  • Google Maps API
  • Bing Map API

Optin options:

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • MailerLite


Some of you probably know the feeling of sitting in front of a white page and you wonder how to start. For exactly this problem, the builders as well as the themes from Themify provide numerous skins and demo content.

In the Themify Pagebuilder you can find"Layouts" a myriad of design templates that you can use for your entire site. With one click you can design a finished website, which you can then fill individually with your content. You will also find the tab in the module palette"Blocks". A large number of ready-made page elements are hidden here, for example a ready-made price table or testimonials that you can add to your design and adapt to your needs.

Since the Themify pagebuilder is already integrated in the themes, you can also find it hereLayouts andBlocks again. Themify's themes also offer you the option of loading demo content during installation. You can revise these as needed or easily uninstall them again when you have finished designing your website. A practical thing against the “white pages blackout”!


A fundamental point of criticism of page builders is the page load time. Various tongues claim that the rich functionality of such frameworks loses performance and thus worsens the SEO of a website. And it is precisely this point of criticism that the guys from Themify have taken to heart.

In the last few months, the entire framework has been redesigned with the sole aim of optimizing the pagespeed. All innovations are integrated into the themes and the framework, so no further plug-in installations are required. At the same time as this article was written, the good news came that the beta phase was over and that the new framework is ready for update. Yeeha!


At the latest when the GDPR was introduced in May 2018, the consideration of how the integration of Google Fonts should be dealt with came up. Opinions are still divided on the question of whether it is questionable or harmless in terms of data protection. A safe way to avoid all problems is to host them on your own system. A method that can also be implemented under WordPress, the “@ FontFace rule”!

With a little knowledge of CSS, you could load your fonts onto your own system and manage them. Themify makes it easy for you and has it already in theSettings integrated. After you've uploaded your favorite fonts to the server, you can create your own font families. That works wonderfully, both with the Google Fonts and with all other fonts for which you have the legal licenses.


If you choose Themify, club membership makes perfect sense. With the Master or Liftime Club membership you receive all themes, plugins and addons, each for a year or for a lifetime. In addition, there is the Photoshop file for each theme on top.

But you also have the option - depending on your needs - to buy individual themes and addons. All components are available individually or as a bundle.

  • Master Club: $ 89
    Updates & support for 1 year on all themes, plugins and addons
  • Lifetime: $ 249.00
    Lifelong updates & support on all themes, plugins and addons
  • Single theme: $ 59,
    Updates & support for 1 year
  • Addon Bundle: $ 39.00
  • Builder Pro: $ 69.00
  • Single Pro Plugin: $ 19.00


At the risk of repeating myself, I have been very satisfied with the entire Themify package for years and have been able to implement a wide variety of projects with it. The complex and already integrated functionality convinces me again and again.

If I partially see what plugins normally have to be installed in order to get essential functionality on a page, then this can possibly become a longer list. I am regularly looking for new functions to further improve and optimize my projects. With a lot of features or plug-ins, however, I notice: "Oh, I'm already included!"

Here alone, the price-performance ratio of Themify is convincing.

In addition to this great functionality, you can expect extensive and very detailed documentation and really fast support in the forum. Sometimes there was still no technical or design problem that we couldn't solve.

FAQ area

What actually is a page builder?

Page builders are basically a collection of different design tools. In a flexible grid system, you can easily arrange and style the content of your articles and pages using drag & drop.

Do I need special knowledge?

You can work very intuitively with a page builder. You don't need any CSS or HTML knowledge to use it.

What does the Themify Builder cost?

The Themify Builder is available free of charge and comes with a variety of add-ons. Depending on your needs, you can switch to Pro Addons for a fee and thus expand your application possibilities.

Do I need a special theme to work with the Themify Builder?

No, the Themify Builder works in every WordPress theme. But you also have the option of switching to a Themify Pro Themes. The builder and other features are already integrated here.