Who is a very stable genius

Donald Trump describes himself as a "very stable genius"

The US president replied in a Twitter entry to a disclosure book in which those around him described him as incompetent.

US President Donald Trump considers himself not only "really clever", but also a "genius". He tweeted this himself on Saturday in response to the investigative book "Fire and Fury", according to which everyone around the White House certifies that he is incapable of office. He described the author Michael Wolff as a "loser" and attacked his ex-chief strategist Steve Bannon again.

Now that allegations of collaborating with Russia to influence elections have turned out to be a duck, the Democrats and "their lap dogs, the lying media," are rushing to tackle the presidential intellectual stability and intelligence, Trump wrote. "In fact, my two greatest strengths in my entire life have been mental stability and (...) being really smart".

As proof, Trump then cites that he went from being a "VERY successful businessman" to a "top television star" and then "at the first attempt" to become the US president. "I think that would be characterized not as clever, but as a genius, and as a very stable genius!" Wrote Trump, who had already applied for the US presidency as a candidate for the Reform Party in 2000.

"Bannon begged for his job"

He called Wolff's book "boring and untrue". The author used Bannon, "who cried when he was fired and begged for his job".

Trump's wife Melania also had the book condemned through a spokeswoman. It is a "work of fiction," said Stephanie Grisham on Friday the broadcaster CNN. "It's a long-format tabloid spreading false explanations and utter inventions."

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