What rich people own private islands

The vacation destinations of the rich and famous

It doesn't always have to be an island of its own that the rich and famous indulge in. Sometimes it is enough to choose other luxury playgrounds on this earth. Because private beaches can be organized quickly - for some at least. We have the 10 luxury places where the rich and famous go on vacation: Beware of the danger of wanderlust!

Bora Bora - French paradise in the South Pacific

The atoll in the South Pacific is best known for its unique underwater worlds, luxurious hotels and as a film set. In boats with a glass bottom, you can get an unforgettable view of the manta rays and barracuda sharks from a safe distance. Then the stars' favorite bar, "Bloody Mary's", invites you to relax. With a bit of luck you will run into actors like Nicole Kidman or Pierce Brosnan across the way.

Incidentally, a double room in a 3-star hotel is available from 170 euros per night.

The Hamptons - between New York City and Atlantic

The Hamptons are traditionally the weekend getaway destination for the New York upper class. This part of the east end of the Long Islands owes its name to the towns of Bridgehampton, Southampton, Westhampton, Hampton Bays and East Hampton. The stressed New Yorker spends his time there crab fishing, kayaking, surfing or simply on the beach. The Hamptons are also a great place to eat lobster. In the fish restaurant, for example, you could click Steven Spielberg who lives in one of the Hamptons' innumerable beautiful mansions.

Some of the villas are not inhabited by stars, but rather excellent bed and breakfasts, where you can stay for around 130 euros per night.

Saint Tropez - pure Côte d’Azur

In the small port town on the Côte d’Azur, great artists such as Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso Enjoyed the summer, later turtled here Brigitte Bardot and Gunter Sachs. Today the picturesque fishing village is best known for its marina and wide sandy beach and is a popular holiday destination for stars like George Clooney.

A double room in a 3-star hotel is available from around 90 euros per night.

Sardinia - Bella Italia at the highest level

Sardinia is that second largest island in the Mediterranean and is in no way inferior to the Caribbean islands: With only 1.6 million inhabitants, there are over 1800 km of coastline for water sports and relaxation to be discovered. Inland you can marvel at castle ruins and almost Neolithic tombs, provided you manage to cut your way through the countless flocks of goats and sheep on the island that have grazed here for centuries. On the Costa Smeralda, the rich and beautiful cavort in the summer months, in the evening you can meet them in posh discos such as Flavio BriatoresBillionaire Club on the dance floor.

An overnight stay in a 3-star hotel in Sardinia can be booked from around 60 euros.

Cabo - Mexico's travel destination for the young high society

"Cabo" is actually called Cabo San Lucas and is located on the southern tip of the Mexican peninsula Baja California. The year-round temperate climate primarily attracts guests from the USA and has made Cabo a true tourist stronghold, especially for young people. In addition to a wide range of glamorous nightlife options, Cabo has many small galleries and a lively arts and crafts scene made by stars like Diane Kruger is appreciated.

An overnight stay in a 4-star hotel is available from the equivalent of 50 euros plus local taxes.

Baa Atoll - The lonely islands of the Maldives

The Baa Atoll is a great place for a vacation on a desert island. I also know that, for example Julia Robertswho likes to relax here. The atoll consists of 75 islands of which only 13 are inhabited and can be reached by seaplane. Some of them have been expanded into luxury resorts with carefully screened beach villas. It's only a five-minute walk from the glamorous beach house to the snorkeling paradise over the white sandy beach.

A room in one of the exclusive 4 or 5 star resorts can be booked from around 250 euros per night.

Portofino - Ligurian idyll

Portofino is a really small Italian community with a romantic natural harbor and breathtaking landscape including a marine reserve. The almost 500 inhabitants of Portofino have always been joined by prominent summer guests such as Clark Gable and later Sophia Loreen. Today resides e.g. Madonna like in the small fishing village. Fittingly, Portofino was the setting for several episodes of the series “Reich und Schön”.

A 4-star hotel room in Portofino is available from 120 euros per night.

Dubai - luxury oasis in the desert

Since the oil boom in the late 1950s, Dubai has developed into a luxury world of artificially irrigated golf courses, parks, luxury shopping malls and superlative hotels. Dubai is the summer destination in winter as it rarely gets colder than 25 degrees even in January. This is also when stars like David Beckham including family in the luxury emirate.

A week's package holiday in a 4-star hotel is available for early bookers from around 500 euros.

Sylt When the good is so close ...

Of course, the (German) favorite island of the Germans should not be missing from the travel destinations of the rich and famous. On Sylt there are polo tournaments, surf cups, golf courses, chic bars and German celebrities such as designers Wolfgang Joop. At the same time you can enjoy the wide sandy beaches with healthy Spa climate enjoy.

A night in a double room in a 4-star hotel can be reserved for around 150 euros.

Turks and Caicos Islands - the Caribbean from a picture book

The two archipelagos, also called Turks and Caicos, are the southwestern foothills of the Bahamas in the Atlantic. Some historians believe that Christoph Columbus Landed on the main island of Grand Turk in 1492 when he discovered America. Today the Turks and Caicos are rediscovered by tourists every season. Among them are celebrities like Josh Hartnett and Penelope Cruzenjoying the paradisiacal beaches of Parrot Cay.

An overnight stay in a 3-star double room is available from around 100 euros.