One day gold will become worthless

What a question? No matter how many grams you buy. If the price increases by 2%, your profit also increases by 2%. So it is entirely up to you to decide how much money you want to invest with.
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The question is absolutely correct because it asks indirectly about the fees for buying and selling gold.
So, it depends: if you want to put gold at home, I would buy coins like the Krugerrand. They are also beautiful. In a coin business, the difference to the market price of gold should only be around 5%. Don't buy too much, otherwise everything will be gone in the event of a break-in ...
Otherwise, you can also buy gold certificates on the stock exchange. Because of the purchase and sale fees, it should be at least 1000 euros, or better 2000 euros. But don't pack all of your savings in gold (or whatever). Always spread the risk!
In principle, whenever you see gold as the value (insurance) of your finances. Nothing was more stable in value for thousands of years - the currencies always went koppheister.
Exchange fees, on the other hand, are irrelevant.

So: gold is not currently rising - instead paper currency and investments are falling.
It's difficult to define because it depends on the personal situation. In any case, fees are due when buying through banks or dealers, and that of up to 7% of the gold value for smaller coins. And storage in the safe at the bank also costs. For those who already have to pay for all of this, buying gold is definitely worth it.
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You can buy a small coin or a fine bar for just a few euros. You won't make any significant gains in the crowd, if that's what you mean by worthwhile. But there is actually no sub-amount. The troy ounce is only a few grams, it doesn't cost a hundred euros.
DANGER! Physical gold can be confiscated by the state in times of crisis. See USA in the 1940s, Australia in the 1970s. Rivers die for gold, entire landscapes are eroded by excavators, children and fairness wither away ... in other words, very anti-social stuff for global society. Think of wars over gold ...
It seems that some people make a lot of money selling gold ... would these people sell gold if they still needed it as collateral?
Bacon versus butter is better.
Sure, my gold reserves, which are worth less every day, are tracked down and confiscated by the state. That's nonsense. Only I know where I keep my bars.
No, Amos, holding gold was a punishable offense. Nice under the bed or in the safe ... what's the point? Unfortunately, in the event of confiscation, you will not be able to sell your gold back to banks - without the state - in other words, you will then get, for example, € 20 per gram, that's it! Free market is then prohibited ... and nobody wants to buy it anymore. What for? That happened quite often: USA, Australia ... not long ago, Grandma still remembers it.
Ok, I didn't take into account.