What is PPAP in the quality process

The processes PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and PPF (Production Process and Product Approval Process) are to be understood as a systematic procedure for sampling series parts that are used in the automotive environment. The procedures thus serve as evidence that all specifications for the product have been correctly understood and that the production process is able to continuously meet these requirements. The primary goal is to ensure quality during series production. Robust and requirement-compliant processes are the necessary prerequisites for this.

The sampling process:

The sampling procedures (PPAP -> QS9000) and (PPF -> VDA Volume 2) are clearly regulated and standardized. Standardization created a clear understanding and transparency in the automotive industry. The sampling process must not only be carried out by the suppliers who deliver directly to the automobile manufacturers, but also by each individual supplier within the supply chain, before the start of series production.



The sampling procedures (PPAP / PPF) are not only to be applied to series parts, but also to production parts, service and spare parts, production materials and operating materials that are part of the product. In the event of relocation of the production site, changes to products and / or changes to production processes, sampling in accordance with PPAP or PPF is required and must be provided.


Goal, result:

By submitting the required documentation within the sampling process, the suppliers show that they have understood the task and are able to do so. series production in compliance with the required production rate, to manufacture products that permanently meet all of the customer's requirements and specifications. As a rule, the customers provide an Internet platform on which the exchange and the setting of the documentation takes place.


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