Should I do a master’s degree

Reasons for a master’s degree

That is why the Master is an absolute plus point for you!

Is the master worth it? What does it bring me in terms of my personal development? Does the Master's degree make it easier for me to start my career? Many students ask themselves these questions in the final phase of their Bachelor's degree. We provide you with a little help with your decision!

Become an expert!

Through a specialization or a special combination of subjects, you will become an expert in a certain subject area and can thus qualify in greater depth. With a master’s degree, you will also continue to hone your academic career. A doctorate and a subsequent academic activity are only possible with a master’s degree or a corresponding degree. Due to the often limited number of places and various admission requirements, not everyone does a master's after their bachelor's degree - this is your chance to stand out from the crowd!

Improve your career opportunities

Nowadays, many employers attach great importance to well-founded, extensive professional training. With a master’s degree, you are classified like a former diploma or master’s degree, which was formerly the highest possible degree of academic training alongside the doctorate. For many, the bachelor's degree seems to be more like vocational training, which is particularly noticeable in the (entry) salary. A master’s degree qualifies you as an expert in your field and confirms to your potential employer that you have enjoyed extensive training and that he can rely on your professional qualities.

Get to know yourself better

The longer you study and deal with a subject, the better you get to know yourself and understand what interests you most and where your talents lie. You gain these important experiences during your studies, during internships or part-time jobs. Here you can not only gain your first practical experience, but also acquire a certain personal maturity, which will also help you in your later professional life. The same applies to the possibility of a semester abroad. For those who may not want to turn their backs on Germany for months, there is also a summer school. Here you take two weeks of courses abroad with other international students, such as marketing, sports management or economics. Providers are various universities or business schools, such as the UPF Barcelona School of Management. A stay abroad and the experience you gain there will make you particularly interesting for many employers. As you can see, during the master’s degree you are offered many opportunities not only to specialize, but to find out exactly what you have in mind for your professional future.

So, for whom is a master’s degree worthwhile?

For you if you ...

  • want to deepen and expand your knowledge and experience.
  • want to become an expert with a combination of subjects or a special master’s degree.
  • still need time and space to be clear about your path.
  • want to improve your career opportunities and entry requirements.

Of course, a master’s degree is no guarantee of a smooth start to your career, because your chances also depend on the subjects, your degree, your practical experience and the respective industry.

There are many reasons for studying for a master’s degree. In any case, it can not only help you professionally and personally, but also make your career start easier.


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