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After our 2.5 week vacation in Jamaica, I would like to share a few impressions. 🙂

"Jamaica - No Problem!"

Ya Man, Respect and No Problem. You hear these words all the time in Jamaica. Ya Man translates as "Everything is alright". These are not just empty words, they represent the country and the people.

Jamaicans are always easy-going, relaxed, serene, happy, open, talkative and have a very strong sense of togetherness. Every day they convey the expression of serenity and a relaxed attitude towards life. Hustle and bustle is a foreign word in Jamaica, you don't allow yourself to be stressed. Every single native lives this honest Jamaican philosophy of life and thus magically infects guests. Bob Marley and reggae can be heard from every corner. Nothing works in Jamaica without music. You can hear people singing all the time. The people and their attitude towards life were the most impressive experience for me. A constant companion is marijuana. Just like reggae, the scent of cannabis is omnipresent. The hemp plant is smoked and sold everywhere. We even received a “small” sample from a hotel employee as a welcome gift. 🙂 One often reads that in Jamaica the cultivation and possession of ganja is forbidden and there can even be prison sentences. This information is out of date. Since June 2014, small amounts have been allowed for private, medical or scientific use. In addition, Jamaica is not dangerous as much is written. Of course there are places that you should avoid. But as long as you travel the island with common sense, you have nothing to fear. In a nutshell, Jamaica offers fantastic sandy beaches with crystal clear water, impsoante mountain landscapes, tropical forests, beautiful waterfalls, happy and cheerful people and a variety of culinary delicacies.

Flight and hotel
Condor offers a direct flight from Frankfurt to Montego Bay. The flight time is 11 hours. We recommend a hotel in Montego Bay or Runaway Bay. From there you can plan trips to Ocho Rios, Negril, Kingston, Port Antonio etc.

The official language is English. Jamaicans talk very quickly and often swallow words or shorten them. But if you ask politely to speak slowly, you can communicate well with you. Patois is also often spoken. This language originated when the slaves changed the way they speak so that no one can understand you. Patois is a mix of African dialects mixed with Portuguese, Spanish and English expressions.

Currency and money
The official currency in Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar (J $). US dollars ($) are also accepted. 1 US dollar is approx. 100 Jamaican dollars. With a debit card or credit card, Jamaican dollars or US dollars can be withdrawn from ATMs. My friend was unable to withdraw any money with your postcard, although the required symbol (PLUS) was actually there. In tourist places, everything is usually written in US dollars. You can always pay with both currencies.

Mode of Transport
There is practically no official public transport in Jamaica. Private taxis are generally expensive. But you can get around very cheaply with so-called route taxis. Route taxis are used by locals and, as the name suggests, follow defined routes. Route taxis can be recognized by their red license plates and are also written accordingly. A typical fare is 100 Jamaica dollars ($ 1) for approximately ten kilometers per person. You can stop a route taxi anywhere as long as there is space in the car. The taxis are mostly packed with locals. If you want to cover a longer distance, you have to take several route taxis, as only short fixed distances are covered per taxi. If you should still decide to take a private taxi, it is essential to negotiate the price beforehand.

The food in Jamaica is very varied and delicious. My all time favorite is jerk food. Jerk is prepared in a tin barrel and it sizzles perfectly seasoned pork (pork jerk) or chicken (chicken jerk). There are always spicy jerk sauces. I would have loved to take a jerk grill master like this with me to Switzerland. 😉

Ackee and Saltfisch is another specialty that many Jamaicans eat as breakfast.

Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica. Only the fleshy seed coat is edible. The rest of the fruit and the seeds are poisonous.

Curry Goat is also very tasty.

The fruits include various types of mango, papayas, bananas, pineapples, avocados, soursap, oranges, limes, lemons and tamarinds.

The soursop fruit can be found everywhere in Jamaica. As the name suggests, the taste is rather sour. Often used for a soft drink.

The sweet variant is the Sweetsap.

Yams can also be found everywhere. The taste is sweet and resembles chestnuts and potatoes.

Jamaicans are very proud of their Red Stripe beer. The beer is everywhere. Another local beer is hard to find. Red Stripe is available for J $ 120 ($ 1.20) in the supermarket. In bars the price varies between 200-550 J $ (2-5.50 $) depending on the location and how touristy the bar is. By the way, DG stands for Damn Good. 😉

Jamaica is also known for coffee. The Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the best types of coffee in the world.

I couldn't do that much with Jamaica rum. The best known representative is the Appelton Rum.

One must highlight the white overproof rum with 63 revolutions. He'll knock your socks off your feet. 😀 But I prefer the Cuban rum.

Tourist Attractions
First place: The nature of Jamaica
Jamaica offers a typical Caribbean flair with breathtaking natural backdrops, where you can't get enough of it. You have something to discover everywhere.

In second place: Port Antonio and the surrounding area
I found the most beautiful corner of Jamaica by far Port Antonio. Port Antonio is a small, quiet, personable and charming port town without much tourism. "More beautiful than any woman I've ever seen," said Errol Flynn Port Antonio. In the area around the Blue Lagoon, scenes for the films “Cocktail”, “Club Paradise”, “The Mighty Quinn”, “Clara's Heart”, “The Blue Lagoon” and the remake of “Lord of the Flies ”. In the blue lagoon, a bubbling mineral spring mixes with the sea water. Depending on the current, there are different temperatures. Cold fresh water layers and warm salt water layers result. The Blue Lagoon is an extraordinary bathing fun and a wonderful dreamlike film set.

Another highlight of Port Antonio is Frenchman's Cove. Frenchman's Cove is a beautiful quiet beach. A small river flows into an almost circular bay. This created a fairytale green oasis.

3rd place: Dunn River Falls in Ocho Rios
The Dunn River Falls are among the most beautiful waterfalls in Jamaica. From the beach you can climb the 200m high waterfalls yourself. Many guided tours go to the Dunn River Falls. It is best to travel to the waterfalls on your own early in the morning. We were there already at 8:30 am and were the only tourists. The big rush does not start until around 09:30. Only the entrance fee is overpriced and costs $ 20.

The beach section is also very well-kept and inviting.

In 4th place: Rick’s Cafe in Negril
Negril is known for its 11 km long sandy beach. I didn't find the beach so impressive because it was overcrowded with tourists. Jamaica offers many more beautiful beaches. But Rick’s Cafe is worth seeing, where you can plunge from cliffs into the sea and admire the sunset.

5th place: Blue Hole in Ocho Rios
The Blue Hole waterfalls are not yet so overcrowded and a little insider tip.

I like it:

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