Why are landlords so greedy

Greedy landlords not only during the rental period ..

Hello together,

well .. undressed and now the trouble happily continues: o /
Since I can't get the exact data out of my head, I'll try to describe my "problem" and hope that one or the other can give me a few tips.
& lpar; I tend to write a lot in brackets. I hope you get through ^^ & rpar;

So: Basically ..
At the end of 2002 my partner moved into an apartment with her boyfriend at the time. Approx. € 950 'security deposit' was deposited & lpar; according to the rental agreement and confirmed by the landlord with a receipt & rpar;
In the middle of 2003 the friend, who was the 2nd main tenant with her in the lease, moved out of the apartment. I do not believe that he was legally resigned. He had never bothered about that & lpar; I knew the boy ^^ & rpar;
A few months later I moved into the apartment with them.
The landlord was informed about the 'change' and the termination of the 2nd main tenant was communicated at least orally.
In January 2004 he got it again in writing from me and we asked the landlord to finally change the lease, as the contracting parties had now changed. He didn't move, though. Accounts were still coming to my LG and her ex-boyfriend.
At the beginning of 2007, the VM suddenly arrived with a new contract in which my - meanwhile - partner and I were now the new tenants.
On December 1st I called the VM that we would cancel the tenancy and he would be able to do so by the 5th & lpar; 3rd working day & rpar; gets the notice. This was also submitted to the post office on the 4th and delivered on the 5th. He read her & lpar; lt return receipt & rpar; but only pick up on December 7th, 2007 by an authorized representative & lpar; his daughter & rpar; Thus, he has already intentionally extended the notice period by one month. Pretty unfair loophole for the tenant - I think. Because of 1-2 days a month longer ....: o & lpar;

Termination of the apartment and a subsequent contract for a garage took place by us on February 29th, which he did not acknowledge and in writing on March 31st. was extended.
The apartment was until 03/01. almost completely cleared. We still had a few little things in our neighbors' basement and a few boxes in our basement. But it wouldn't have been a problem to clear them away on the day of the handover.

The handover finally took place on May 1st. & Lpar; & excl; & rpar; because both he and we never had time for a common appointment for the purpose of work & lpar; on 01.03. we would have, but he didn't show up & rpar;

So much for that.
Since the VM always abr a lot of time with the NK. read and regularly presented it punctually for Christmas, we also had the pleasure of NKabr on December 26, 2007. to get from 2006.
We should pay around 300 €.
Not that the heating costs were so high or something like that:
The VM paid itself a salary as an 'property manager' in 2006 from around Jan. to Sept. for 8 or 9 months.
You have to say that it is a 2 FH with 5 apartments, of which the upper two of his sister and the two EGWhg and the basement extension belong to him.
As a manager, he wanted something at € 650 for the time and split that up among the tenants. In addition, there were probably small parts and additional hours of work, because he came by because of a clogged pipe and worked hours and travel expenses for it & lpar; he lives about 150km away & rpar ;.
He has the small parts with a few copies of receipts & lpar; the sum of which does not match the material in the invoice & rpar; occupied.
How does he get the other amounts .. I have no idea.
A little over 300 € in total.
Coincidentally, almost exactly the amount we paid too little.

We first told him by phone that we did not agree with the billing and that we would not pay him the amount within 1 week because we wanted to have it checked first & lpar; by the tenants' association & rpar ;. He also received the objection in writing from me.
As far as I know, I normally have 1 month to pay him the claim. In case of contradiction even up to a year? & Excl;

Now he has kindly given everything to the court.
Because we have
1. the rent for March is no longer paid to him, as we are on 29.2. quit. After all, it is not up to us that he does not pick up the letter. Especially since he on 1.12. was already informed of this and thus had 3 months to find a new tenant. I can see that we still have to pay the rent for the month, but when I look at some things & lpar; mold in the bedroom and bathroom - no matter how ventilated, 30-year-old windows and heaters that were only replaced in 2007 - in winter not even 15 ° in the apartment, 2004 to 2006 noise pollution from Romanian neighbors who partied with 10 people every day - police were permanent guests with those, electrical circuits that constantly broke down when you had more than 3 stronger consumers at the can ... & rpar;
& lpar; We criticized everything several times and asked the VM to turn it off ... & rpar;
2. We don't have the NK from 2006 & lpar; 07 yet & rpar; not paid because the MSB & lpar; Mieterschutzbund & rpar; said that the list is not correct and that he would probably not be entitled to pay a salary as an O administrator. After all, he is the owner and therefore obliged to maintain the building and property ...

What can I say.

The letter from the court came today.
Fast track.
Over 600 € to be paid & plus; Costs.
In other words: The gentlemen did not even ask, but initially only in favor of the plaintiff & lpar; VM & rpar; decided.
That he acted with intent or made unjustified demands is apparently not clear to them.
So we will go back to the tenants' association and again lodge an objection - this time against the judgment.
Because he also withheld the deposit in full. Also for the garage.
A total of around € 1000, which he has been lying somewhere without interest for 6 years.

Incidentally, the NK lawsuit is against my partner and her former friend.

The question is now:
What are the possibilities and chances to take action against such a VM?

He did make a protocol when handing over the property, but apart from a signature for the keys, he has no confirmation of the condition or - in his opinion - damage to the property. & lpar; Note: cats are allowed in the contract and we had 3 who scratched the wall every now and then. The hallway might have to be made. & Rpar;
He doesn't care that he got laminate in the apartment, even though there was only carpet in it. He probably wants to have it torn out at our expense. & lpar; Back then he arranged that way with his ex-boyfriend, who no longer lives there & rpar;

The thing with the manager is also an interesting thing.

If the VM is not obliged to take care of his rented property and keep it in a proper condition & lpar; this also includes mowing the lawn, etc. A caretaker service with 50 € per month is also listed in the MV, which is charged to the parties. But since there was no HM on the property until September and we did everything ourselves .. the VM only sent his 70 year old mother over to weed ... & rpar;

Conclusion: He wants the utilities, the rent and possibly that the apartment is professionally renovated.

Long speech, short answers But first you have to know roughly what is going on.
I'm curious what you think about it.