Are Copic Markers the Best and Why

Cheap alternative to Copic and Stylefile markers? - Ohuhu in the test

Years ago, when I was working for my first employer, I had a Copic marker in my hand and was extremely fascinated. Everyone who knows them also knows what they cost. As a student and young professional, I couldn't afford that, and even today - with my family - I have to think about whether it's worth the money, when my time is very limited anyway.

From time to time I therefore look for cheap alternatives. I once bought a single style file marker from boesner, but they are not that cheap in the overall package either. When looking for alcohol markers, a soft brush tip is particularly important to me because I love the feeling of painting with it. And so I stumbled upon Ohuhu markers on Amazon a few weeks ago, which at under 40 EUR for 48 markers were quite affordable. So I ordered and waited eagerly for my package.

The first impression

The Ohuhu markers (*) are supplied in a practical bag that can be easily closed with a zipper. The pens are in the pocket so that you can see all the colors while painting.

The shape of the Ohuhu markers is very reminiscent of Stylefile. They are the same size, the round shape, these little stoppers on the caps so that they don't roll away and the color on the caps looks very similar. They have a wide marker "tip" and a brush tip. The brush tip is nice and big and soft - even bigger and softer than my Stylefile Marker.

The colors when painting are beautifully intense, so that my daughter was also on fire and wanted to paint with them. (She was allowed to try a bit, but she can't get her hands on it alone because it still presses a lot.;))

Unfortunately, I've found that the color on the paper and the cap don't always go well together. The enclosed color overview does not match the color effect on my paper either. Therefore I have now created my own color overview (paper: Stylefile Premium marker paper).

As you can see, some colors are very similar here, even if they have different numbers. Unfortunately, I cannot say whether there is a similar phenomenon with Copic and Stylefile.

It all depends on the paper

Since I hadn't thought of ordering special marker paper when I placed my order, I first resorted to mixed media paper from Canson (*). I printed out two digital preliminary drawings / outlines so that I could get started right away. The result was a bit sobering, however, as this paper is far too absorbent for the markers. As a result, the colors were all quite dark, which particularly bothered me with the Genie.

A little disappointed, I turned to dear Jenny (alias Luphalia on Instagram), who immediately saw my genius that I had probably used the wrong paper. She rightly pointed out to me that it would not occur to me either to use thin drawing paper for watercolor and then to be annoyed that it did not behave like watercolor paper. She described to me that marker paper has a kind of coating that prevents the paint from bleeding as much on the paper.

Since I first had to order new paper, the next step was to test the markers on Bristol index cards from Exacompta (*). The paper is a bit thicker and the surface is indeed coated somehow. The result really looked better right away. ;)

I have now ordered both a sketchbook and paper from Stylefile. At the moment I mainly use the sketchbook and you can see various works on my Instagram channel.

However, the paper showed what was also evident on the other papers. The Ohuhu markers become streaky on larger areas. So far I have not been able to paint it neatly in order to color a flat surface. Now I am a little lacking in comparison, whether it is my technique or the pencils. Maybe I'll get another copy and do a head-to-head comparison.


  • Very cheap alcohol markers:
    • Ohuhu 48 colors and 1 blender - EUR 36.99 (*)
  • Soft brush tip allows paint to be applied comfortably
  • Color on caps and color on paper are sometimes very different, so always put some scratch paper next to it!
  • With the right paper you can paint beautiful, colorful pictures
  • Quite streaky on large areas

All in all, I don't regret the purchase. They are a good addition for coloring small drawings in intense colors and are fun if you use the right paper. - This makes them a good opportunity, especially for schoolchildren and beginners, to familiarize themselves with the medium at all.

Now about you - have you tried alcohol markers yet? How do you find them? Should I add a color overview and tests to this report?

P.S .: I bought all the materials myself and I am presenting them here on my own initiative. So there is no sponsorship from Ohuhu, Stylefile, Canson or anyone else. - Other materials for the pictures: Fineliner from Micron and the white gel pen from uniball.


Ohuhu has meanwhile expanded its brush marker product portfolio:

  • Ohuhu 48 colors and 1 blender - EUR 34.99 (*)
  • Ohuhu 24 skin colors and 1 blender - EUR 29.99 (*)
  • Ohuhu 72 colors and 1 blender - EUR 64.99 (*)
  • Ohuhu 120 colors and 1 blender - EUR 99.99 (*)
  • Prices as of November 5th, 2020

Note: All product links marked with a (*) are affiliate links to Amazon. You order at the normal price and I will receive a small commission as a thank you for the mediation, which I can invest in this blog and new materials. :)

Cheap alternative to Copic and Stylefile markers? - Ohuhu in the test