Are freshwater lakes safe for swimming

Safe bathing fun: Lakes and sea: Swim safely in natural waters

Swimming in the middle of nature - a day at the lake often feels like a vacation. You escape the hustle and bustle in the outdoor pool and at the same time escape the chlorine that attacks the mucous membranes. However, bathing in natural waters also carries risks.

"The waves, deeper water, currents and direct sunlight can easily bother you," warns Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the German Sport University Cologne.

Seven tips for swimming in lakes or oceans:

Clarify any dangers

Before you just jump into the water, it is advisable to ask experts about special dangers and local emergency call options. Both the German Life Rescue Society (DLRG) and the German Water Rescue are helping.

There are reasons for bans

Bathing bans should by no means be disregarded. Dangers, for example, from currents that can drive even good swimmers for miles, or from shipping quickly become a deadly danger for swimmers. It is also best for bathers to stay away from particularly overgrown and swampy bank areas where it is easy to sink into the subsoil. Rocks in the water with hidden currents should be swimmed far around. In addition, flora and fauna in nature and water protection areas are not to be impaired. An express bathing ban also applies here.

Don't be alone

Anyone who goes swimming in a natural body of water should always take someone with them who can make the emergency call in the worst case.

Assess correctly

You should never overestimate yourself and swim too far out. The way back is usually longer than expected. In lake, river or sea, there are no tiles on the ground to orientate yourself by and also no wall to hold onto at any time.

Storm warning

In the event of a thunderstorm, leave the water immediately. Then you are safest in the car.

Watch out, flat

Never jump into unknown waters: Jumps in the bank and shallow water areas can be life-threatening or cause permanent damage.

Avoid heat

Avoid swimming during the midday heat. Otherwise, circulatory problems can easily occur. (dpa)