Have countries at the equator seasons


World map with the equator drawn in red, exactly in the middle. Above is the northern hemisphere, below the southern hemisphere.

The equator is an imaginary line that goes around the earth and divides it into a northern hemisphere and a southern hemisphere. The word comes from Latin and means something like "line of equality". It means that the North Pole and South Pole are equidistant from the equator. In the countries on the equator, the climate is tropical, i.e. hot and humid all year round. So there are no seasons here.

On a world map, the equator is usually exactly in the middle. The circumference of the equatorial circle is just over 40,000 kilometers. That is about 50 times the distance from Munich to Berlin. It is exactly 40,075 kilometers and 17 meters. It is the longest of all parallels and has a geographical latitude of 0 degrees. The equator runs mainly in the sea, but crosses South America, Africa and the island world of Indonesia. Two countries even have the equator in their name: Ecuador in South America and Equatorial Guinea in Africa.

There used to be a superstition that it was dangerous to cross the equator. That is why seafarers had to endure an “equator baptism” on their first crossing. They were smeared with fish oil or other stinking things by their colleagues, then cleaned with sea water and baptized by a disguised "sea god". Today, however, this is only done for fun on holiday ships.

  • This equator monument is in Ecuador.

  • And this is what the equator monument in Kenya looks like.

  • A man was put into a barrel at the equator baptism. The other man is in disguise.