Where are pink diamonds found

A diamond in itself is something special - and an expensive pleasure. For the pink diamond "Pink Legacy", the new owner of the gemstone, which weighs 3.8 grams, had to shell out quite a bit of money.

At the Christie's auction in Geneva, the US luxury jeweler Harry Winston paid 39.1 million euros for the almost 19-carat stone, whose uniform color is considered exceptional by experts. It was said that only one in 100,000 diamonds was of this quality. That's why the starting price was a mere 21 million euros. This is the "Leonardo da Vinci of diamonds", announced the head of Christie's in Europe, Fran├žois Curiel, full-bodied.

For a long time, the "Pink Legacy" belonged to the Oppenheimer family, who had a stake in the De Beers mining group - but sold the stake in 2011. By the 1990s, De Beers had dominated nearly 90 percent of the world's rough diamond trade.

The stone was discovered in South Africa more than a hundred years ago and processed in the 1920s. The new owner immediately renamed it "Winston Pink Legacy" after the auction. The total amount itself is not yet a record - however, 2.6 million euros per carat has never been paid. So a record after all, albeit a relative one. The internationally valid unit of measurement, carat, indicates the mass of precious stones. One carat is exactly 0.2 grams - a lot of money for the weight of three barley grains.

The high demand for extremely rare pieces like the one now auctioned has caused prices to rise sharply in recent years. In 2016, the tennis ball large and 813 carat rough diamond "The Constellation" changed hands for 55.2 million euros. The sale of the blue diamond "Oppenheimer Blue" two years ago for the equivalent of around 51 million euros also made headlines.