Have you ever been pissed?

We hadn't seen each other in over three years. After completing her professional training in my department, Jolanta had moved far away because of love and the contact had died down over time - despite the vow to stay in touch. She was something of a best friend to me back then. Although she is almost five years younger than me, we had rocked quite a few parties together and rattled the city's clubs or just laughed or cried together. But the way it is: out of sight, out of mind.

But when she called me surprisingly, I spontaneously invited her to visit me on Saturday to go out for two, like in the old days.

It was unbelievable how much we had to tell each other. The evening in our local pub at the time passed by in a flash. After we got back to my apartment in the middle of the night, slightly tipsy, we immediately shared the rest of the champagne bottle that we had already decapitated to greet us in the afternoon. And we still chatted and chatted.

Since I felt like having a cigarette, but don't like a smoke-filled apartment, I tilted my head towards the balcony door:

"Smoke one?" Jolanta nodded and got up from the sofa at the same time.

We were already standing next to each other on the parapet, smoking in the cool night air, and gazing over the city, lost in thought.

"Hach Ina," sighed my friend, "great that we finally met again." She stroked my back and finally let her hand rest on my shoulder, while she snuggled against me at the side. I returned their approach by putting my arm around her waist.

"Yes, we will definitely do that more often again." Since I noticed that she was very restless, I asked:

"Do you have to go again?"

“Yes, quite a bit. And just wearing socks on the cold floor is not exactly helpful ... But until we have finished smoking, I can take it. "

I don't know why, but the fact that the young woman in my arms needed so badly made my imagination run away. Although I'm actually into men, I was totally turned on by the thought that she would just piss it here and now, as I sometimes do for my pleasure myself. In general, I had already caught myself several times that evening to have found her firm bottom in the tight blue jeans to be extremely sexy. Jolanta is a lesbian, but until now we had never felt more like friendship for each other. At that moment, however, she turned me on immensely. Without consciously controlling it, I pulled her closer to me, whereupon she leaned her head against mine and began to scratch my shoulder with her hand and then, almost tenderly, the neck.

For the first time since we met, we were silent. What was she thinking? Did she enjoy my physical closeness as much as I did hers, or maybe I even aroused her? We had had a drink, but it couldn't be the alcohol alone. I didn't seem to know myself anymore.

"Well, now I really have to." Jolanta pulled away from me with an embarrassed smile.

"Yes, it's getting to be time for me too," I replied and, after we had put our cigarettes out, gave her the right of way when we left the balcony.

It actually seemed to be very urgent for her now. Frantically, she took a long step over the doorstep, again not being able to take my eyes off her attractive bottom.

Suddenly she slid forward on the smooth tiles. She still tried to jump behind with the other foot so as not to fall, but finally, after half a turn, she plopped her bottom rather roughly on the floor.

"Ouch!" She exclaimed. I myself was also shocked and looked into her pained face. Just as I was about to ask her if it hurts very much, she jerked her arms, with which she had supported herself backwards, forward, pressed both hands into her lap and began to moan:

"Oh no, no, no ..." Was that what I had just mentioned a few minutes ago, really happened? Sure enough - a small trickle came out from under her bent legs. I didn't have a direct line of sight because Jolanta kept her knees tightly closed. I was torn between feeling pity or excitement.

"Oh man, I think I pecked my pants!" She grumbled with bowed head.

After spotting the small, yellowish puddle on the white tile floor, she hid her face behind her fists.

"I'm so embarrassed ..."

“Hey, it doesn't matter,” I tried to reassure her, “it can happen to anyone. The main thing is that you haven't hurt yourself, right? "

"Nah, nothing broken," she replied pouting. I carefully took her hands. I was only able to slowly pull her in my direction against her protest. Resigned, she gave in:

"Watch out, it's pee's turn."

"So what? I don't care ”, I acted gallantly. Finally she looked up at me again. Her cheeks were flushed with shame.

"I'm sorry, Ina, but the shock ... and I couldn't stop right away," she justified herself.

“Doesn't matter, it's just pee. Let's see, ”I asked curiously. Without arguing, she opened her legs. There was a definite wet spot on her crotch, about the size of a saucer. This stretched in the direction of her buttocks and ended in the small puddle in which she was sitting.

"How am I ever supposed to be able to step in front of you again?" She asked sheepishly and looked at me extremely ashamed.

I thought she looked incredibly cute in this situation, with her pitch black, long hair and the embarrassed look from her dark, big eyes. The sight of her skin-tight, soaked jeans made me envious of her. I was heated up and had a huge desire to pee too. My bladder was full enough. I had an idea to make a virtue out of necessity:

"Hmmm, I can pee in my pants, then you don't have to be ashamed anymore." Jolanta laughed in disbelief:

"Now you're kidding me." But she had no idea that at that moment the first drops were already penetrating my panties.

"Here, look ..." When I felt the hot jet that shot out of me immediately afterwards, I pointedly stuck my abdomen forward. She stared in amazement at the crotch of my black jeans, a shiny spot in the middle. Not wanting to overdo it, I stopped when it started running down my legs and dripping onto the floor.

Jolanta had finally found her charming smile again, so that I had to smile too. As we looked at each other, we both laughed out loud from the bottom of our hearts.

"Come on, help me up, you crazy chicken," she asked, while she was already pulling herself up by my hands.

"That's what I call devotion and real compassion," Jolanta thanked me with a giggle and hugged me. I also hugged her tightly. And again my stomach tingled. I dipped my nose deep into her fragrant head of hair; to feel her body so close to me felt arousingly good in a way that was previously unknown to me. Add to that the fact that we were both in pissed pants. She certainly had no idea how hot I was on her at that moment ...

"I still can't believe that you pissed your pants especially for me. You are really something very special, ”Jolanta whispered in my ear.

"Oh, I was happy to do that - and would do it again and again for you." I stroked her back tenderly, the way she breathed felt that she was just as excited as I was. Then we looked deep into each other's eyes. What was happening now? The air crackled between us.

Slowly we got closer until our lips met and we started kissing passionately. I didn't know if what we were doing was right, but it felt damn good.

In small steps I had worked my way down Jolanta's back with my hands and I gripped the wet fabric that encircled her firm bottom as tightly as a second skin. Her excitement increased more and more. But then she stopped.

"Sorry, I still have to be very urgent and would like to ..."

"Just let it go," I interrupted, "you're already wet anyway - and so is the floor."

"Yes, but, I can't just ..." she giggled, a little confused.

“Yes, please do it,” I tried to confirm, “and enjoy the wonderfully warm feeling.” I pulled her close to me again.

"Sounds smooth, as if you were speaking from experience ..." she whispered in my ear.

“Well,” I said, “I have to confess something to you: Somehow I totally love it. It turns me on when I piss my pants ... and seeing it on you, too. ”My heart was racing with excitement. Had I actually just come out to my girlfriend with my secret fetish? After a few seconds of silence she finally spoke again:

"Hmmm, the thought has something - something very wicked ..." There was another silence. Was she considering completing my unusual request?

"It really turns you on when I get my pants off?" She asked.

"And how," I assured her, "sometimes I p ** up completely just to piss me off."

Now Jolanta also gripped my buttocks firmly with both hands.

"Come on, you first," she asked, noticeably excited, "show me whether you're really that dirty!"

I lifted one leg and wrapped it around her waist. She took the opportunity to slip a hand between my thighs from behind. I pulled Jolanta close to me again. As we kissed, I gave in to the pressure in my bladder. Just a moment later, the urine began to pour out of me. I felt it piling up in my jeans before it penetrated the fabric and ran down my legs.

"How cool is that?", Jolanta groaned with relish as the hot wetness poured into her hand and she pressed her abdomen even tighter against mine. It was indescribably beautiful to piss unrestrained in my pants in her arms. She was also getting sharper, I felt her hard nipples on my breasts.

"Your pee is running down my leg," she whispered to me, "I didn't think that would turn me on like that."

After my bladder was empty and we had played with each other a little, I found that it was now Jolanta's turn to pee completely.

"And now you," I asked with a wink.

"I just tried, but I just can't, even though I really have to," she replied with a slight moan.

“That's because you're not used to not sitting in the toilet while doing it. Wait and see, it'll be fine. "I released her from my arms and looked at Jolanta with a pounding heart. Her left pant leg had gotten quite a bit of my urine. She stood about three feet in front of me with her eyes closed and seemed to be concentrating on letting it soak into her jeans in the middle of my living room.

Suddenly it began to shine in her crotch.

“Ina, it's going! It runs!"

"Yes, that's good. Do not stop. Fuck everything, ”I encouraged her to continue and not to pinch out of any reflex. Since her jeans were extremely tight, the beam, when it got stronger, penetrated the fabric almost unhindered and splashed onto the floor. I took a step forward and put my hand around the spring from which it was gushing so wonderfully hot. I felt how the wetness flooded her genital area.

“I can't believe it,” she giggled, “I'm pissing myself right now.” On Jolanta's jeans, increasingly wider, dark, shimmering stripes were formed that finally reached to the hems of the pants. From there it ran in several rivulets onto the floor. The puddle soon got so big that I was standing in it with my tiptoe. I enjoyed it and so did Jolanta - to the last drop.

"That felt nice," she told me in a lascivious voice when she opened her eyes again, "and I feel so naughty."

"Yes, no? Got something, right? "I winked at her conspiratorially and whispered:

"I think it's really hot that you did that."

“And do you really do that more often? And above all, since when? "

“Since my youth. I've always had a special attraction ... Come with me, I'll show you something. "

I took Jolanta by the hand and went with her into my bedroom. There I opened the closet. I took out one of my protective sheets from a drawer.

"Here, sometimes I do it in bed too, then I put that under ..."

"You are one of me, I would never have thought that of you."

"Why also? You can't see it, ”I replied, whereupon Jolanta pointedly examined my peed pants.

"Well, I think it's very obvious ..." We both burst out laughing until we had tears in our eyes.

"Oh man, do you still have champagne? First I need a - and a cigarette. "

Fortunately, there was still a bottle in the refrigerator, from which I filled the empty glasses immediately after the cork had almost flown through the kitchen because of the excitement.

While smoking on the balcony, I told her how and where I had already pursued my wet passion and what else I could imagine. She listened with interest.

"I think I have to confess something to you now, too," she said.

"I'm curious about that ...", I was extremely self-confident when I had just unpacked so unrestrainedly. I looked at her expectantly.

"After we had called a few days ago ...", she paused, "well, I was masturbating and thinking of you, imagining what it would be like to talk to you ..." She couldn't get the sentence out of sheer embarrassment over.

"Hey, that honors me." At that moment the tingling in my stomach was back.

"I actually always thought that you were only into guys," she continued, "but since we kissed earlier and peed in our pants so ... even really intimate together, I'm not so sure anymore."

"Me neither," I had to admit.

"And when you told me about your secret passion in such detail, I got really excited about you." The nervousness could be heard clearly in her voice. Since I didn't have any chairs on the balcony, we sat face-to-face on two upturned plastic boxes. I held my arms open to her.

"Come here, Jolanta." Immediately she got up, sat on my lap and snuggled up to me. Closely embraced I whispered to her:

“I don't know what's wrong with me either. I've been staring at your ass all day, even when I was sober. And when you peed your pants, that was the most erotic thing for me that I have ever seen and felt. You looked so cute and sexy while doing it. "

We looked deeply into each other's eyes, until Jolanta found the words:

"What is happening to us right now should just be like that."

"Right, you can't just let reason block you, can you?"

My sweet friend snuggled closer to me again and gave me a kiss. At the same moment I felt my lap getting warm and wet. I groaned excitedly. I could have peed again, but I wanted to save that for bed. The night of my life was imminent ...

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