Are love and respect the same

The importance of respect in a relationship

Respect in a relationship means accepting your partner and admiring them for who they are. As a result, you shouldn't try to modify or shape it to your liking.

Last update: June 22, 2020

On a theoretical level, we all agree that respect is fundamental in a relationship. However, we often overlook extremely harmful behavior in our own relationships.

This could be because that your bond with your partner prevents you from to see the reality. On the other hand, you may not have paused to think about what respect actually means. In either case, you are either the recipient or the one taking actions that show a lack of respect.

We invite you to think about and understand what this attitude means in your daily life. Because you should always remember that there will be no love without respect.

What does respect mean in a relationship?

I respect you as a person

This is the most fundamental aspect that should be present in all of our social interactions. This attitude involves treating others with the consideration that each person deserves.

None of us would ever yell at, insult or attack our co-workers or siblings. However, there are some people who act like this when they are in a relationship.

Overconfidence does not justify the use of physical or verbal violence under any circumstances. We should never raise our voices or humiliate another person. This is even more true of the person with whom we share our life.

So don't fall for the sake of normalizing these actions and simply writing them off as just another part of the dynamics of a relationship. Because they are quite simply a gross lack of respect!

I respect your personality

Good relationship does not consist of two people who are the same or need to conform. Rather, it consists of two people who understand and respect their differences. However, after being with their partner for a while, some people try to change their tastes, opinions, or lifestyles. When they do this, they are essentially showing that they don't respect the other person's true nature.

Do you remember the time when you met your partner and fell in love with everything that made them unique? So why do you want to change these things now? Every person has a right to their own preferences, thoughts and hobbies.

The goal of a relationship is not the symbiosis. There is no need to unite into a single undifferentiated being. On the contrary, it is much healthier to admire your partner for who they are and to learn from each other.

I respect your feelings

This is one of the most overlooked aspects. When you start a relationship with someone you also take responsibility for dealing with their emotions.

It is of course true that everyone is responsible for their own happiness and well-being. But when you bond with other people, you also need to learn to understand and respect their feelings.

One partner may be more sensitive while the other appears a little colder. One may be more inclined to ask a lot of questions while the other tends to avoid conflict. One may be more open to dialogue while the other has to think about things for himself. These differences can cause problems if ignored.

Both partners should work together to find a common emotional point. The partner who wants to talk about a problem must respect the other's need to be alone after a conflict. Likewise, the cold or elusive partner needs to understand that dialogue is essential.

In any situation we have to accept the way our partner deals with and shows emotions. It is important to accept our partner's emotions and try to be empathetic even in times of crisis.

The environment is a fundamental element of respect in a relationship

Finally, it is important to understand that anyone who tries to keep you away or separate you from the people you love isolates you. Your family and friends are an important part of your identity. Hence, your partner should respect the important people in your life and your relationship with them.

You don't necessarily have to get along with your partner's relatives as this is sometimes out of your control. However, you should of course do your best to strive for an agreeable atmosphere. Even if you don't get along very well, there should still be respect from both sides.

A partner that the loved ones of his significant other insulting and criticizing and trying to distance them from them is dangerous. Hence, you should make every effort to understand the people who are an important part of your partner's life. At the same time, of course, you should expect the same from your partner.

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