Who is your favorite African politician

Wow friends. Two men, both a bit older, are sitting on two five-wheel Eames Thin Pad chairs, which one immediately gets the impression that they are better for the back than the average home office chair. The room is bright, multi-windowed and guitar-friendly, with subtle ethnic carpets on the floor. One man laughs broadly, the other looks somehow offensively mischievous. Both have crossed their arms, but not in this not-stupid-talking-to-me manner, but rather in the feeling of my chest-like-when-he-feels-my-arms. The men are with themselves, they have crossed their legs, and should there be a regulation, even a law in a few years' time, as to how men have to be around 60, then the two would be the ideal role models.

Wow friends, Bruce Springsteen, Barack Obama, Spotify. Your podcast is called: Renegades. The renegades. Not everyone as old as Bruce Springsteen (he will be 72 in September) stream music and podcasts. But everyone who is like Barack Obama (he will be 60 in August) will do it. (Incidentally, Mick Jagger will be 78 in July, we all need someone we can lean on). Spotify is one of the new world powers, if not quite as important as Google, Amazon and Facebook. They don't have nuclear weapons, but they reach many, many more people on a Tuesday evening than Bruce Springsteen on a stadium tour or Barack Obama at an inauguration ceremony the size of Trump.

Big men like to talk about themselves better than big women do, although big women write books about themselves too, for example Michelle Obama. Bruce Springsteen, on the other hand, gave 236 almost only one-man performances between October 2017 and December 2018 at the Walter Kerr Theater in New York, in which he played a few songs on the guitar and talked about his life, God and the world. Everything was always completely sold out, up to $ 7,000 for a ticket on the black market. Total Broadway sales for the Springsteen year were $ 113 million.

Bruce Springsteen is the favorite rocker of the liberal bourgeoisie, especially those who find it unfair to grow old. Who, to transfer American things to Germany, together with Springsteen on the Harman-Kardon system in the 5-series BMW No retreat, baby, no surrender roars, has the feeling deep in his heart that he might be working man be from New Jersey.

Barack Obama is now the favorite politician of the same milieu. And because Trump was such a terrible boggy president, the memory of Obama has become so transfigured among the elderly and younger that he has already overtaken Jimmy Carter as the best ex-president there ever was.

The two are proof that a filter bubble can contain millions and millions

Never before has the USA influenced significant parts of the not only western world culturally as it does today, in the age of the new digital world powers. "Cultural" naturally encompasses much more than just what was previously called high culture. Communication behavior, language, technology, daily shopping on the Internet, advertising, etc. - all of this in Europe and in large regions of Asia, in Australia and parts of Africa or Latin America, is determined by the customs, customs and manners in the USA . Politically, the American century is over; popular culture has hardly begun.

Andy Warhol said in 1968 that each and everyone (everyone) will be famous for 15 minutes in the future. Much longer, he implied, the attention span would not last much longer in an over-medialized future. Now 2021 has long been the future of Warhol's future, and Andy knew nothing about the network at the time. Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama are proof that a filter bubble can run into billions.

Perhaps also because listening is generally less strenuous than reading or governing, the podcast is currently making a career in its appearance as a dialogue. Most podcasts are actually not even airtime-independent radio, but what you used to do with the cassette recorder, Susi and Alois: plugged in the microphone and talked stuff. Of course, it always depends on the background of those who are talking, which you can see in brilliant things like the various SZ podcasts. But if you were grumpy, you could also see many podcasts as the elevator music of the digital age.

In any case, Spotify has recognized the signs of the times. If you want to stay on top of the world, you shouldn't let Alois and Susi talk, but Bruce and Barack. And it has to be loose, light, ethnic carpet, Walter Kerr Theater for everyone. Wow friends.