What disgusts you about your city?

When you are really disgusted with other people

When I was still modeling there was someone on the team for a shoot who had a mega strange smell of its own. She was wearing nice, fresh clothes, her hair was washed, she had no bad breath either, but such an unbelievably strange bad odor that I always tried to avoid her near her that day. I can't explain to myself that I can find the smell of a young, well-groomed woman so repulsive, I really can't explain it to myself.

Then I met her backstage at Berlin Fashion Week six months later and smelled her from one end of the aisle. Strange.

What I always really hated were people who did the make-up and breathed real coffee. The shootings always start in the morning, and very often the make-up artists didn't have breakfast and only had coffee the whole time. And if they then breathe 2 cm in front of your face to apply your eyelashes or whatever, that's not so pleasant.

Otherwise, I had an English teacher at school who always leaned over his shoulder to check my homework. My goodness, he muffled. In general, I think that especially old men often smell strange.

Oh, and I also avoid a fellow student in my studies wherever possible. In the first semester I was sitting next to me at an event and she had such bad breath that I thought I was going to throw up when she yawned slightly in my direction.