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The Walhalla memorial towers high above the banks of the Danube near Regensburg, mighty and sublime. Thanks to King Ludwig I, "important personalities with a German tongue" are honored in this temple, built in perfect Greek style ...

The first impression is wrong: what you can see in a photo is not the wonderful Parthenon temple on the Athens Acropolis, but the Walhalla over the Danube bank near Regensburg. The similarities are astonishing and quite intentional: when building this monument, architect Leo von Klenze was inspired by the ancient model and, with the Walhalla, put a truly impressive marble structure in the landscape: 125 meters long, 55 meters high.

The client was King Ludwig I. No gods are worshiped in the temple, which was opened in 1842, but some of the most famous Germans at all, from Albrecht Dürer to Sophie Scholl. They are represented in the form of marble busts and memorial plaques. Striking: of the 131 busts and 65 memorial plaques in the collection, only 13 exhibits are dedicated to women. But that can still change. Recommendation on our part: Go up the 479 steps to the Walhalla before the sun settles down: We normal mortals can hardly imagine a more sublime sunset.

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