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The power plant conflict

Ulrich Grubert speaks at the BAYER Annual General Meeting

The Krefeld environmental activist Ulrich Grubert ended a five-week hunger strike with which he drew attention to the environmental risks of the planned coal-fired power plant in Krefeld-Uerdingen. The power plant is planned by the BAYER Group together with the Trianel company; it would emit over four million tons of CO2 annually. More information.
The Coordination against BAYER dangers shows solidarity with Grubert's demands and thanks him for his determined commitment.

Rheinische Post, September 18, 2007

The T-shirts of the power plant opponents were white. Also knows those of the power plant proponents. "No to the power plant" was written on one. “The power in North Rhine: Our industry. Our jobs ”was read on the other.
The discussion in which CDU parliamentary group leader Wilfrid Fabel knew how to highlight the political conflict was just as contradictory: “On the one hand we have environmental pollution, on the other hand the interests of the employees. That has to be weighed up. And that's a difficult process. ”If the city approves the power plant, it will impose limits on itself. Because then Uerdingen may be so heavily burdened that further companies are no longer possible to settle in Uerdingen.

Will the old power plants be shut down?
Fabel: “No sensible person denies that we need new power plants. But so far there is no guarantee that the old ones will be switched off. ” Stefan Dresely that a new power plant would be much cheaper to operate. To continue to operate the old one is therefore economically nonsensical.

How does the coal get into the port?
According to the fable, three variants are being discussed: The coal is loaded onto trains in Duisburg or Krefeld port and then brought to the power plant. Or: It is transferred to a conveyor belt directly in the industrial port, which leads to the power station. Fabel was confident that Bayer would follow Krefeld's wishes here.

Does saying no to the power plant endanger the Bayer site?
In this regard, Dresely explained that sites do not suddenly die. The decision today will influence developments ten or fifteen years from now. If the power plant is not built, Bayer will probably invest in other locations rather than in Uerdingen.

Is a gas and steam turbine power plant (CCGT) a solution?
Environmentalist Ulrich Grubert advocated this solution very vehemently. The efficiency of the CCGT is 90 percent, while the planned hard coal power plant is 50 to 57 percent. In addition, the environmental impact of a CCGT is much lower. Therefore, Grubert pleaded for a combined cycle. Since Grubert had the impression that the CDU was still standing by its no to the power plant, he announced that he would end his hunger strike. He had started it five weeks ago as a protest against the power plant.
Fabel commented on the great applause from the audience on Grubert's speech: “The applause does not replace the parliamentary group's decision. Our 'So not' is about the power plant. The question has not yet been decided: "How then?"

Facts about the power plant
CO2 emissions: 4.4 million tons per year. For comparison: The CO2 emissions for the whole of Krefeld are currently 4.2 million tons. Regarding fine dust pollution, plant manager Dresely said that Bayer had given a written guarantee that the coal store would be enclosed. The CDU is currently not discussing a smaller power plant. Bayer did not apply for a smaller one, explained Fabel. TEXT BY DIETER HILLA

NRZ, August 23, 2007

Ulrich Grubert has taken the resistance against the coal-fired power plant to a new level: He doesn't want to eat anything until the project is overturned. "My conviction gives me strength".

"Here I stand now and I can't help it." Ulrich Grubert says it with Luther, to express this rock-solid conviction that drives him. This gives him strength in the resistance against the planned coal-fired power plant at Bayer. He needs this strength these days, Grubert has raised the resistance to a new level. He went on a hunger strike again. Ten days ago. He has already lost over eight kilograms. How many will there be? Grubert doesn't know. When he decided on this radical path, he didn't know when it would end.
Grubert, as a founding member and 2nd chairman of the Lower Rhine Environmental Protection Association, something like the central figure in the fight against the coal-fired power plant - "and for a gas-steam power plant" as he emphasizes - had already forbidden himself to eat solid food at the beginning of the year. Before the vote of the Krefeld Council on March 8th. And even after the "no" he continued to hunger. The Krefeld man had such a premonition that this "no" was not the last word ...

"I am hardened in such arguments"
This determination - which could be misunderstood as the obsession of a missionary zealot - has a story: Grubert was instrumental in preventing a planned toxic waste incineration plant. For eight years he experienced ups and downs in such a struggle, "I am hardened in arguments and have staying power". In addition, he dealt with the climate problem during his physics studies, that was 1974! Nobody can impress him with data on pollutants, Grubert is himself an expert - which always shines through in conversations when he comes up with his incredible detailed knowledge.
With all resistance, starving for a goal is a huge step. A necessary one for Grubert. Because all the small victories in discussions, all the information tables did not bring enough, "we were not heard in public". Whereby Grubert bluntly mentions one factor by its full name: "A Krefeld newspaper positioned itself for Bayer and Trianel from the start and distorted our communications beyond recognition by cleverly cropping them." So feel the citizens' initiative pushed into the corner of those who are against everything. "We can understand the wishes of Bayer and the municipal utilities. We are only saying that they are backing the wrong horse."

"Unreasonable burden on my family"
Grubert's second hunger strike brings him the desired attention, but also numerous undesirable risks and side effects - and that doesn't mean the pleasant smells that waft through the house at meal times and remind Grubert that he actually knows how to enjoy.
He broke off the first strike after four weeks with massive circulatory problems, this time he has settled for a significantly longer period. "My family is very concerned. I have apologized to my wife and children and I know that this is an unreasonable burden that I have placed on their shoulders," admits Grubert. You can feel: his conscience plagues him - but also his environmental conscience. The strike had to be in order to give weight to the resistance - ironic that it was associated with significant weight loss.
The man from Krefeld doesn't want to eat anything until the project is buried. What if that takes longer than he thinks? No matter! Hunger strike takes place only in the head. If you are as convinced as he is, then you can get through it. If necessary until after the autumn break, if necessary with infusions.
"This is a crucial phase now. My belief in God and in common sense tell me that this will all come to a happy conclusion." The happy ending: a confirmation of the Council's "no".
"I am an incorrigible optimist." TOBIAS BOLSMANN

Rheinische Post, August 11, 2007

They have been starving since Whit Monday - always on a weekly basis. Five members of the Lower Rhine Environmental Protection Association protested in their own way against the construction of a coal-fired power station in Uerdingen.
From Monday, however, Ulrich Grubert from Krefeld-Bockum wants to starve alone: ​​"I will only stop when it is certain that the power plant will not be built." He has carefully considered this step, says the husband and father of three. And he is aware of the consequences of his strike: "I mean it in the truest sense of the word."
Actually, an end to the strike was in sight. But recently Grubert fears again that some of the parliamentary groups represented in the council will turn things around again for the power plant. He sees his coming "martyrdom" (as he calls it himself) as a sign of impotence. A hunger strike to the point of possible death, however, is his "last and strongest ace".
Grubert is a believer and has received support from many people in his parish St. Gertrudis in Bockum: "I am firmly convinced that we are obliged to leave an intact creation to the following generations." He doesn't want to stop until the coal-fired power station is off the table. He said he had "huge respect" before his upcoming hunger strike on Monday.

Press release from: Lower Rhine Environmental Protection Association (NUV), Krefeld

In protest against the planned imported coal-fired power plant in the Bayer Chemical Park in Uerdingen, the Lower Rhine Environmental Protection Association (NUV) has been conducting an almost three-month relay hunger strike since Whit Monday. After Martina Grubert, Andrea Nolte, Illona Soyka and Sabine Flecken, Ulrich Grubert from Krefeld-Bockum will take over the last virtual baton on August 13, 2007.

On Monday, the martyrdom of the environmentalist Ulrich Grubert will begin for an unlimited period of time under the motto: "Starve until the final end of the coal-fired power plant planning". Both for the Krefeld population and for the people on all continents, it is about "bare survival" when we do not make the turn "away from CO2" in the next few years! This year, too, the climate records are overturning: The UN climate authority is taking stock of extreme cold, precipitation and temperatures. The highest temperatures since the beginning of the weather record were registered worldwide. In Europe, temperatures in April were around four degrees (4 Kelvin) above the long-term average. The WMO (World Meteorological Organization) cites the floods in Great Britain, the summer heat wave in Southeast Europe, the unusually heavy snowfall in South Africa, the worst flood disaster in Uruguay and the largest floods in history in India, Nepal and India as examples of the numerous weather extremes Bangladesh. In addition to millions of people who became homeless, around 1900 people died that year. For some greedy electricity companies, these victims are only collateral damage!

Our children's future is ruthlessly sacrificed on the altar of quick wins!

With the action of the NUV those (nationwide observed) parties in the Krefeld city council are to be strengthened in their steadfastness, which are against the planned imported coal power plant on March 8th. 2007 have pronounced. The NUV appeals to Trianel, Bayer and Stadtwerke Krefeld to carry out an alternative power plant planning based on gas. When providing steam and electrical energy, a gas-fired power plant not only generates less than half of the CO2, but also saves the already heavily troubled people in the port area from additional fine dust caused by coal handling. From 2020, CO2 that is not generated in the first place does not need to be captured, liquefied, transported and stored underground with a high level of technical and cost-intensive effort. In addition, a retrofitted power plant loses an additional 13 percent of its already low efficiency. The additional costs compared to a gas-fired power plant (of the same power class) would then increase even further from the already around 40 million euros per year. We electricity customers would have to foot the bill for the ecological and economic disaster in addition!
Further information can be found at: nuv-online.de

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