Why don't Indians wear pollution masks

Anti-pollution mask for children thanks to the Sinterit SLS technology

The “brifo” used Autodesk Netfabb software to properly prepare the design before printing. The software can create inner grids to streamline the design with a complicated, organic structure. The grid enables a light model without loss of functionality or durability. Manually creating a similar structure would be much more time consuming (if not impossible) and would almost certainly lead to errors such that the mask could not be 3D printed. In the case of very complex models, design problems and errors can hardly be avoided. However, Autodesk Netfabb analyzes and detects problems in the printing process, can repair meshes and thus reduce printing time even further.

My usual workflow from idea to prototype involves CAD design, exporting, hollowing out, filling and nesting within the build volume of the printer, ”says Bartlomiej Gaczorek. “Up until now, I had to use different software for almost every process. Repeated imports and exports are not only frustrating, they can also damage the final output file. ”He adds,“ Thanks to Autodesk Netfabb Ultimate, I only export once from my CAD software and prepare completely there. And this is the real industry standard for 3D printing with lots of automated scripts and a large number of state-of-the-art 3D printers. One of them is Sinterit Lisa, a desktop SLS printer. SLS is a 3D printing technology with almost unlimited shaping for parts, which is perfect for organic and complex geometries and even for interlocking elements. "