How does gambling affect the crime rate?

Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA)

Older citizens are becoming more and more victims of fraud on the phone. The perpetrators' approach is extraordinarily multifaceted and ranges from charges for alleged participation in competitions to false promises to win.

Call center fraud

The perpetrators act from call centers in Turkey, pretend to be lawyers or notaries and inform the called parties, for example, about the alleged win of a high monetary or material prize. They suggest that the winnings can only be paid out if the winner makes an advance payment. Fees, taxes or other costs should be paid in advance. Offsetting against the profit is rejected for a wide variety of reasons. The victims should, for example, transfer the amounts, hand them over in cash to a collector or send them abroad by post.

Regardless of the payment, there is never a profit distribution - there is no profit!

If citizens become victims of such a fraud scheme after paying in advance, they must expect to be repeatedly called by fraudsters and asked to make further payments.

The call center employees pretend to be police officers or public prosecutors and claim that the people called have made themselves punishable by making the initial payment and that an allegedly initiated investigation against them can only be quickly and easily averted against further payment. The perpetrators put the victims under massive pressure if they do not want to make any further payments. Even if victims run out of money and all their savings have already been used up, the perpetrators do not let go of their victims and ask them to borrow money or take out a loan.

Manipulation of phone numbers

In order to increase their own credibility, the fraudsters specifically manipulate their own phone number, which appears on the victim's phone display. The phone number of a German city is displayed there, although the perpetrator is in a call center in Turkey when he called. In line with a call from a supposed notary from Hamburg, a number with the Hamburg area code can also appear in the display of the person called.

Recruiting financial agents

The perfidious scam of the perpetrators even goes so far that people are recruited as so-called financial agents who give the perpetrators fraudulently obtained money, for example

  • by providing their own bank account,
  • by opening a new bank account and providing the perpetrators with the access data,
  • by receiving and forwarding cash (in person or by post) or
  • by depositing funds with money transfer service providers.

On the one hand, the perpetrators of the victims make use of fraudulent promises of profit and link a payment of the supposed profit to the activity as a financial agent. On the other hand, perpetrators use acquaintances or relatives as financial agents.
The funds often come from people who are themselves victims of illegal profit promises made by Turkish call centers.
The actual function of the financial agent is to transfer these funds to recipients in Turkey previously notified by the perpetrators. In this way, the origin and the transfer routes of the money are obscured.

Recruiting call center employees

The perpetrators also recruit future call center employees in Germany through advertisements in relevant magazines or on internet portals. A good knowledge of the German language is required for the application. Potential applicants are given the prospect of a lucrative income opportunity.

By simulating a non-existent profit and causing the called party to pay high sums of money without consideration, the call center employees are liable to prosecution for fraud.

Awareness campaign by the BKA on fraudulent profit promises on the phone

The BKA uses extensive public relations work to educate the population about fraudulent schemes on the phone. Victims and especially their relatives as well as the personal environment must be well informed in order to avoid that the perpetrators continue to be successful.