Is immigration to Canada easy for pharmacists?

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Anyone wishing to work in Canada must seek recognition for their training outside of Canada. The procedure depends on the one hand on whether the work belongs to a regulated or non-regulated professional group and on the other hand on the province in which the work is to be started. Approximately 20 percent of all workers in Canada work in regulated professions (e.g. doctors, engineers, electricians, plumbers, etc.). Information on whether an occupation belongs to the regulated or non-regulated occupations can be obtained from the admissions office in the target province or from the branch association in the country of origin. In principle, the recognition of regulated professions is regulated by the admissions office of the respective branch in the respective province. This decides on the procedure, language requirements, probationary periods, possible exams and certification. The recognition of non-regulated professional groups is usually done directly by the employer when they are hired.

The government of Canada has set up a website that explains the necessary steps for recognition depending on the professional group and the target province: (This page is only available in English and French.) In addition, the Foreign clarifies Credentials Referral Office unanswered questions regarding the recognition of professional qualifications obtained from outside Canada.

Information on the recognition of school and academic degrees is also available from the Canadian Information Center for International Credentials (CICIC) on the website (This page is only available in English and French.)

In all cases, it makes sense to have the relevant certificates translated into the language of the target province (English or French) in good time.

Further information can be found on the following page (in English): EduCanada