How far can a laser pointer go

How far do laser pointers shine?

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Why is laser dangerous?

Eye damage from laser pointers

Have performance - they are of course illegal and can cause serious damage to the eye. Because the light rays are bundled again by the eye lens and hit many times more intensely. This glare can permanently damage the retina, cornea and optic nerve.

What is the most powerful laser pointer?

This Laser pointer Blue 50000mW is that with a measured output power strongest Laser pointer model what there is on the laser market. This Laser pointer 50000mW blue is available in black or silver.

Which laser pointers are allowed in Germany?

"True, the sale of Laser pointers of classes 3R to 4 in Germany forbidden. Nevertheless, it is possible to get such strong laser markers from abroad. In itself, this is also permissible.

Why is a green laser stronger than a red one?

Due to different wavelengths, the light output is at green Light higher than with red - this makes the laser line appear brighter and is up to four times more visible to the human eye.

What can you do with a laser pointer?

The Laser pointer is a light pointer especially for lectures with projection. Laser pointer are produced in handy sizes, also in the form of key fobs, ballpoint pens or in combination with remote controls (presenters).

How many watts does a laser pointer have?

In the EU the maximum power is Laser pointers for free sale to a thousandth watt limited. On the Internet, dealers offer the devices with this performance as harmless men's toys. But the devices are in reality much stronger.

Why is the light from the laser red?

Red light has the largest wavelength and violet light the smallest wavelength. It is now the case that light of smaller wavelength is also the more energetic, and light of greater wavelength is also the lower in energy.

What is special about the light of a laser pointer?

light from continuous lasers is characterized by many special features: It is monochrome, has well-formed wave trains and is strongly bundled. The light the sun or that from a flashlight consists of a multitude of wave trains of very different wavelengths.

Is a laser pointer banned in Austria?

From October 1, 1999, the dangerous Laser pointer of class 3B in Austria forbidden, emphasizes Consumer Protection Minister Barbara Prammer. ... the health-endangering ones Laser pointer will be in Austria to protect people forbidden. The Ban relates to the sale of powerful class 3B laser devices.

What laser colors are there?

It gives common red laser-Pointer (650-660nm), green (532 nm), blue (445-450nm) and violet light (405 nm) and so on. Usually reports will be given, lessons, guides staff will use it to cast a beam of points of light or a point object.

Which is better red or green laser pointer?

Green laser pointer is now the world's most popular Laser pointer, because that green Light as red Light 6 times more than Red Light beam clearly, while the price is cheaper than a lot of blue and yellow. Users usually use green laser pointer.

Which laser color is best seen?

The visibility of a laser depends on the Laser paint

555 nm. Based on a visibility index 1, the proportional indexes are calculated down. With the current MediaLas line lasers, the green models with 532 nm are than am best to be classified visibly.

How many laser classes are there?

The Laser classes range from 1 to 4, with the breakdown: 1, 1M, 2, 2M, 3R, 3B, and 4. Non-hazardous lasers are in class 1, while the most dangerous, high-powered lasers are in class 4. The classes are defined in EN 60825-1 and are internationally comparable.

How is a laser constructed?

All laser consist of three components: the laser medium, the pump and the resonator. The pump brings energy into the laser medium so that a population inversion is generated in it. In the excited laser medium, spontaneous emission creates laser light, which is amplified by stimulated emission.