How do I overcome my second mistake

Overcoming fear of mistakes

Dealing with fear of failure - 7 tips

  • Tip 1: weigh up the opportunities and risks

Before a stressful situation, write down exactly what happens if you make a mistake or fail. You present the opposite of the opportunities that this situation offers. For example, an exam can be repeated in most cases, so failure would not be a final failure, but rather shows you where you still need to improve. The opposite may be a big step in your professional career. So you can only win.

  • Tip 2: remember past successes

What hurdles have you overcome in the past? There were certainly already hurdles that were significantly higher than the current one. So why still doubt?

  • Tip 3: Be aware of your strengths

If you are afraid of making mistakes, you are probably thinking primarily about your weaknesses. But why? Become aware of your strengths and think about how you can best bring them to bear. Everyone has weaknesses. The art lies in using the strengths in such a way that the weaknesses are compensated. Also, use your strengths to work on your weaknesses.

  • Tip 4: smile and maintain an upright posture

Approach the stressful situation with a smile and an upright posture. You will quickly notice that it gives you a certain looseness and self-confidence. If you then pound yourselves three more times on the chest, the fears will almost dissolve into thin air.

More regular is probably the easiest way to sustainably increase self-confidence. If you feel comfortable in your body, you also have more energy and desire for new tasks. In addition, achieving sporting goals helps you to be more optimistic in other situations.

  • Tip 6: Dealing with your fellow human beings

Do you hate being criticized and ridiculed unnecessarily by your fellow men? Then this is exactly what you shouldn't do. Compliment other people and encourage them if they fail. In this way you show them that it is not bad to make mistakes and you are less criticized and teased for your own mistakes.

  • Tip 7: Stand by mistakes

Stand by your mistakes and deal with them openly. So you take the wind out of the sails of critics. If you try to cover up your mistakes, you make yourself vulnerable and the fear of further mistakes increases.


Making mistakes or failing at tasks is one of the most normal things in life. The fear of making mistakes often arises from social pressure. If other people want to distinguish themselves through your mistakes, they try to cover up their own. You can confidently do without these people in your life. Instead, surround yourself with people who support you and appreciate your achievements. Successful people are often characterized by having made many mistakes but drawn the correct conclusions from them. You should just keep reminding yourself that there is one thing worse than failing: not trying.

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