Why does Trump love Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes is considered a great supporter of US President Donald Trump. Like the president, he considers global warming to be nonsense. He suspected the FBI of a conspiracy in the investigation into Russia's influence on the presidential election campaign in 2016. What the president and US congressman Nunes do not have in common, however, is their love of the short message service Twitter . While Trump tweets every half-baked thought, Nunes, 45, sued Twitter last week for a pain and a fine of $ 250 million.

On closer inspection, the trained farmer from California is also bothered by a cow's Twitter profile. The politician is regularly parodied under the name "Devin Nunes 'Cow" (@DevinCow) - a reference to the dairy farm Nunes' parents run in Iowa. The lawsuit, filed in a court in the state of Virginia, is somewhat contradictory: Nunes is annoyed about censorship, but at the same time demands it. In the complaint, he accuses Twitter of censoring views that the short message service does not share and of restricting profiles of conservatives like him within reach. At the same time, Twitter benefits from content that is offensive and defamatory. During the campaign for his re-election in 2018, he, Nunes, had to endure an "orchestrated smear campaign" of such magnitude that "no one should ever suffer in his entire life," complains the Republican. In addition to the cow account, there are also the Twitter accounts called "Devin Nunes' Mom" ​​and that of Liz Mair, an adviser to Republican politicians.

Only a few days later it is certain that Nunes' shot backfired, or rather, missed the cow. While @DevinCow had 1,200 followers before the lawsuit, there were already more than 600,000 followers by the weekend. And as is so often the case when someone challenges Twitter users, they get really creative. Movies in which someone with Nunes' face is kicked by a cow. Calls to send cowbells and other supplies to Nunes' office. One website sells DevinCow printed T-shirts for $ 19.95 each.

The politician experiences what has been known since 2005 as the "Streisand Effect". This describes the phenomenon that information that should actually be hidden or censored is spread even more. The US actress Barbra Streisand had sued at the time to have a recording of her property removed from a public photo collection - and thus even more attention to the picture. The internet and especially the social networks are excellent platforms for this.

Opinions and satire are also legally protected in the USA

The cowboys on Twitter and the network itself have nothing to fear. Opinions and satire are also legally protected in the USA. Other, comparable procedures were unsuccessful. Last year, for example, porn actress Stormy Daniels lost in court after feeling accused of lying in a tweet. The judges saw this as a "rhetorical exaggeration" that was covered by freedom of expression. Political advisor Cheryl Jacobus, who also sued for defamation and lost, felt the same way. The defendant in both cases: Donald Trump.

In any case, Devin Nunes' lawsuit is now getting more attention than the MP would like. After the Twitter account "Devin Nunes' Mom" ​​had actually been closed for a year, a user created a new profile on March 19 with the name "Devin Nunes Alt-Mom". The account already has more than 38,000 followers. The background image for the profile shows: Barbra Streisand's house.