Which brand of egg is the healthiest?

The drugstore chain dm is renaming its own brand "The healthy plus" to "Movolis". There are two reasons for this. We'll tell you which.

Regardless of whether it's a sore throat, cold or stomach ache - the drugstore chain dm sells many health products under its own brand "The healthy plus". At least until now. Because the brand is currently being renamed "Mivolis".

Almost 200 products are currently being sold under the own brand "The healthy plus". This makes it one of the most important brands of dm. There are arguably two reasons for renaming the brand.

dm renames health brand to "Mivolis"

On the one hand, many of the products should also end up in foreign markets. But there you can hardly do anything with the German term.

The renaming therefore only seems logical. The word "Mivolis" is an art term. The enterprise dm had it entered in the trademark register last year. The first products can already be found on the homepage. The health and nutrition products in the markets are to be exchanged in spring. The press office confirmed this to the magazine chip.

Legal problems are one reason for the renaming

The other reason reveals dm in the Facebook comments in the community area. There were probably legal problems with the old name. The company writes: "The name change for the products from The Healthy Plus to Mivolis is primarily due to legal requirements." The Healthy Plus "is a health-related statement that we can no longer simply use."

But only the name is new. The content of the products remains the same. And the packaging design is also similar to the old one. The logo is still a blue oval. It says "Mivolis" in blue letters. A rainbow-colored line underneath and a small that above dm-Logo.