Is Taco Bell better than McDonalds

Taco Bell vs. McDonald's: America's Fast Food Restaurants in "Breakfast War"

New York / Oak Brook - Propaganda posters and Stalinism clichés: With a short film against its big rival McDonald's, Taco Bell brings the cold war to the fast food industry in an artistic way. Ronald McDonald rules in the clip over a desolate realm of boring food. The aggressively provocative campaign represents the preliminary climax in the competition for supremacy in the US breakfast business.

The bizarre commercial shows a young couple fleeing from the fast food dictator McDonald's. Guards in army uniforms and clown masquerade follow the renegades in an action sequence, the soundtrack being "Blitzkrieg Bop" by the Ramones. The runaways can escape to freedom over the walls of the fictional oppressive regime "Routine Republic", where they are greeted with Taco Bell's bestseller Crunchwrap. Despot Ronald McDonald gets the breakfast muffin stuck in his throat.

McDonald's strikes back - not with video clips, but on a business level. The industry leader wants to serve its breakfast, which - unlike its rival - is only available a few hours a day, in individual US branches all day on a trial basis. That could hit Taco Bell a lot harder than hostile advertising. In the US, breakfast is a booming niche for fast food restaurants - fewer and fewer people are eating their first meal of the day at home.

That's why not only Taco Bell is attacking more and more aggressively in this area, Dunkin 'Donuts, Wendy's and Starbucks are also doing it. Waffle sandwiches, egg donuts, warm snacks in the coffee shop - the breakfast menu around the corner is growing. Except for some free coffee, McDonald's hadn't had much to counter that until now. Breakfast makes up about 25 percent of the troubled group's sales. And that although it is currently only available from 7 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and on weekends until 11 a.m.

Magazine: "Tactless"

Industry expert Mark Kalinowski from the analysis company Janney Montgomery Scott considers an expansion of the offer to be overdue. Breakfast items like the McMuffins were one of McDonald's most popular products, and customers have long been asking for more. However, the company is evidently facing a major logistical challenge. "Why don't we serve breakfast all day? Our grills are not big enough for breakfast and lunch," was the justification on the company's website recently.

In contrast, there is enough space in the kitchens at Taco Bell. The chain, known for cheap Mexican fast food, has been offering breakfast all day long for a year. Wild experiments with tacos, minced meat, waffles or egg dishes have brought the offer the derisive name "Franken-Food" in allusion to Frankenstein experiments. But fans like the unusual creations, especially the hexagonal crunchwraps. They appear in the clip as hexagon symbols of resistance to the round McDonald's muffins.

Whether Taco Bell, like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut for the industry giant Yum! Brands heard doing themselves a favor with the campaign remains to be seen. The advertising film met with a mixed response from the specialist audience. Taco Bell is an underdog and must therefore appear rowdy and attract attention, this is the purpose of the clip, says the US industry paper "Adweek". In view of the mass executions and other war crimes of the Stalin and Mao regimes that are alluded to, the whole thing is also somewhat tactless. (APA, April 8, 2015)